(22-23) GSW get whacked by Kings Fox and (sigh) Haliburton

Some good signs from Nico and Our Guy Juanito

Welp, take a middle-of-the-pack team like GSW, remove Stephen Curry and Draymond Green, and you get a bad team. Throw in playing on the road against a red-hot Fox and whammo, you get roadkill.

Apricot's In-Game Notes

  • Draymond Green (illness) is out tonight. Mychal Mulder (illness) is probable.



  • Hey that Wiseman rebound is the first I’ve seen where he really used his catch radius

  • Si si claro!!

  • I like how Poole fought harder to get to Hield behind that screen the second time

  • Nico used right trigger turbo to save that long pass. Then hits a 3! Wiggins has made some really nice passes in the paint.

  • Sigh... you recall Haliburton was my guy in the draft

  • You can review at https://www.letsgowarriors.com/p/2020-draft-pick-tournament-final He was my choice and that of the plurality of voters at LGW

  • After watching SAC pour in open 3s, I looked down at the score and saw to my amazement we were ahead

  • I also liked Okongwu and that hasn’t panned out as well

  • We take every good sign we can get

  • I do wonder a bit about whether the vaccine is affecting the players a little

  • I’m so psyched that Nico is starting to hit those open 3s.

  • There was some question pre-draft whether Haliburton could get off his odd looking jumper in the NBA. Seems pretty launchable to me

  • Yeah, us and 10 other teams.

  • Kings have to hypnotize Guy into thinking he’s playing GSW very game.

  • GSW is within a Poole flurry and a few stops away from being competitive here

  • Insanely mature

  • That Iverson cut play... which GSW has run about four times in a row... that time Looney and Oubre both set a screen on the same guy and waited for about three seconds for the other guy to take the screen. Amusing.

  • Hey, Nico got past his man on the perimeter! We take the little good signs