(27-28) GSW stomps OKC, Steph puts up 42-6-8 in three quarters, 11-for-16 on threes

OKC was driving the tank but we take those

This isn’t usually a Warriors PR Burner Account, but tonight deserves it:

and one more

Standings Watch

  • GSW plays OKC two more times this year. Not so good for the Tank Commander.

  • NOP is at 25-30 at the #11 spot, 2 games behind GSW. Between May 3 and May 14, GSW and NOP will face each other 3 times, so if they are still close in the standings, GSW-NOP would be a micro-play-in to the play-in.

  • I… hesitate to bring this up, but with Wiseman out (and Oubre out and/or possibly playing more within himself), we have to consider the possibility that GSW is actually a good team when Steph is on. And that means that if they go on a hot streak, they might actually catch DAL, which is #10 in the league overall (and #7 in the West). DAL is 29-24, so GSW is only 3 games behind them. If that happens, GSW will lose their 1st round draft pick this year.