(29-29) GSW closes out PHI with swarming defense and Stephen Curry transcending space and time

Steph also moves into the scoring lead

Box Score Watch

  • Our intelligence says Beal has been pulled from the WAS game with 30 points. He now has 1492 PTS in 48 G = 31.083 PTS/G. Stephen Curry now has 1570 PTS in 50 G = 31.4 PTS/G. Steph now has the scoring title lead!

  • DAL is #10 in the league at 30-26. GSW trails by 2 games. If GSW finishes Top 10, they lose their 2021 1st but keep the 2021 MIN 2nd.

  • GSW is 3.5 games ahead of NOP at 25-32 for the last play-in spot. SAS will win tonight to go to 28-28.

Apricot's In-Game Notes

These were a bit more incoherent than usual thanks to the wild nature of the ending. Not sorry.

  • That Looney tip in was like a delicate pool shot

  • It’s helpful/painful to remember how bad Looney looked in his first couple of years

  • After all this time watching Steph, I still involuntarily blurt out stuff like “oh man that’s ridiculous!!”

  • Yeah I personally think that Harden 30+ PTS streak looks amazing out of context but will look worse and worse over time. Sorry, I still believe FG% counts for something. Also, not constantly cheating and ruining the game.

  • We are all ants in a meaningless cosmos

  • PHI beautifully countered our 2-3 zone, then the surprise double on Embiid. Kind of amazing that Steph can walk down court and chuck in a long one to claw back everything

  • Q4.3.45. Oooh, Looney and Steph are getting a bit smoother on the pitch back play. Steph had an impossible layup to make but got bailed out with a foul

  • I count any game that’s within one possession with 2:00 left as a Random Ending. We are very on track for that.

  • Okay we’re ahead enough that it would really hurt to blow this

  • I just blurted out OH MY GOD after the last 3. It still hasn’t gotten old and I hope it never will.

  • I think the angle I saw showed it was off Looney’s hand last


  • Apricot post-Steph move noises update: that last one from the logo I just let out a huge groan and smiled at the sky

  • If Steph is not high on your MVP ballot, I consider you a complete ignoramus


  • Obviously the lack of a butt pad has been holding back Steph all these years. The gauntlet is complete