Another veteran point guard confirmed working out with Warriors

(Now revealed as Langston Galloway)

A secret veteran point guard running near Otto Porter at half court works out with the Warriors on 9/17/2021 (Photo: read article for details).

[UPDATE: On 9/24, Shams broke the news that, indeed, Langston Galloway would be signing a training camp deal with GSW. As such, I have now made this article free.]

I’d like to think I get my info the “old fashioned way.” It goes something like this: You know someone from your time in a basketball gym, you hear someone else was at some other gym, so you ask someone else who knows someone else who was at some gym and they tell you who they saw. Contrast that with a Shams Charania or a Chris Haynes or an Adrian Wojnarowski or an Anthony Slater, who will simply text a player agent or family member, team official or NBA mole. It’s different and it’s not the same chase. My way is literally for the love of the game, for the folklore. I’m not trying to beat out these NBA media stalwarts who have “sources” galore for scoops, but it ends up looking that way.

I’ve been a gym rat for easily over 10,000 hours, even if you count my own “career” playing in rec leagues before I started being my namesake, the “Poor Man’s Commish” for Dream League, an amateur basketball league in the Bay, in 2002. So the only thing I know how to do is love and watch the game from all the different aspects and talk about what I’ve seen with my own eyes with other guys. It’s fun. I even posted on Instagram from a Filipino tournament when I covered NBA Summer League in Las Vegas last month. Social media has certainly ramped up the knowledge on who was at what gym and when.

So when an insider-who-shall-remain-unnamed posted the above photo from the Golden State Warriors’ practice facility on Instagram stories, it was an opportunity to see something the average fan does not get to see: a pickup game at Oracle Performance Center, the gym underneath Chase Center.

To make things even more intriguing, I had already reported on Monday that I was told five veteran free agents — not rookies and not Exhibit 10 targets — would be working out with the Warriors, and thus far we could only name three of them:

  1. Darren Collison, as tweeted by Haynes.

  2. Ryan Arcidiacono, as tweeted by Slater and scouted by us. Jason Dumas of KRON-4 then added that Arciadicono would be here on multiple days.

  3. Isaiah Thomas, as tweeted by HoopsHype’s Jorge Sierra and Mike Scotto.

Also, it should be noted that the information originally given to me was that all five would be at Chase Center on Monday. But thus far it’s looking like they were not or will not be all here at the same time. Maybe the information was that there would be a grand total of five arriving, starting this past Monday. But then we’d heard about Collison way back on 8/30/2021 from Haynes, a good two weeks ago. Has Collison worked out with the Warriors yet? I still don’t know if he can be counted as one of the five.

I hadn’t even looked at the photo that closely when I posted it on our private Discord server, which comes free with a paid subscription to this Substack site (email me for your invite, if you haven’t done so already). I started naming off each guy. Notably, it looked like Jordan Bell was running next to Kevon Looney right in the middle of the shot.

Going left to right and to the right of Bell, it seemed, were Arcidiacono, Juan Toscano-Anderson (or possibly Damion Lee, although Lee has been tending to his very pregnant wife Sydel Curry-Lee recently), Nick Kerr leaning against the wall, Moses Moody taking the ball out, Kris Weems (close to us), Leandro Barbosa also leaning against the wall, Chris Chiozza (although he also looks like Stephen Curry, but the Nike kicks are a dead giveaway), and probably Selom Mawugbe (and not Jonathan Kuminga, although that might be him sitting down, see comments) clapping from the sideline against the wall.

Aside from Jordan Poole sitting down to the farthest left and closest to us, to the left of Looney going right to left are new G League head coach Seth Cooper (close up), Mychal Mulder on the far sideline, an unrecognized assistant coach or trainer, Kenny Atkinson, Otto Porter at center court, and…

I couldn’t recognize that last player.

“Sorta looks like Langston Galloway,” quipped Discord user Humbled1.

A source with knowledge of who was present at the gym Thursday and Friday confirmed to me last night that it was, indeed, Galloway.

You know how Ayesha Curry likes to say “it takes a village” to raise a kid whenever she speaks on behalf of Eat Learn Play? Well, it took a village to get this piece of information for LetsGoWarriors. Information that, as of this writing, no other Warriors or NBA media person has. I’m happy to only share it with just the dozens of people who have subscribed to this website (or heretofore had access to our Discord server as part of a beta group).

Galloway hype from SSE

As a bonus, I stumbled upon Galloway’s agency’s Twitter and found some rather interesting hype stats. Galloway, who turns 30 on December 9 and is listed at 6’1”, 200 lbs., is represented by Michael Siegel of Siegel Sports & Entertainment (SSE):

Langston Galloway has been one of the most durable players in the NBA and has missed zero games due to injury during his career.

Langston Galloway has continued to show that he is an impactful offensive player. Two examples of his impact offensively are his strong assist-to-turnover ratio and excellent free throw percentage.

Langston Galloway has been one of the best corner three shooters in the NBA the past two seasons. Langston has shot 50% from corner three and 40.4% overall from three-point range.

In the past two seasons, Langston Galloway has consistently flashed the ability to get downhill and score in transition.

Langston has averaged 1.4 PPP in transition possessions, shot 61.9% within the restricted area, and 44.7% from mid-range.

Langston Galloway has displayed his defensive ability the past two seasons.

While guarding on off-screen possessions, he allowed 0.803 PPP and 0.848 PPP on P&R ball handler possessions.

Over the past two seasons, Langston Galloway’s offensive impact has been evident through his 1.112 PPP on off-screen possessions and 1.217 PPP on spot-up possessions.

In the previous two seasons, Langston Galloway created 1.119 PPP on offense and allowed 0.941 on defense.