“Captain Klay” on hold: Training camp is only 40 days away!

Where will some Warriors players be?

It’s been awhile since the latest boating exploits of Klay Thompson on the San Francisco Bay in July. After that, the 2021 NBA Draft and Summer League crept up on us and I made whirlwind trips to Brooklyn, Sacramento and Las Vegas. I finally got back the other day, then had to survive a domestic plumbing disaster – my place flooded a tad bit; I’m convinced if you live in San Francisco in a property built in the 1930s, something’s gonna break if it hasn’t already (flooding has happened to me thrice now) — but luckily I have a great landlord and everything was back to normal within 18 hours. So here we are.

Depending on when you’re reading this, we find ourselves on the eve or morning (or after?) the official release of the NBA regular season schedule, which is set to drop at 12 noon Friday, August 20th, 2021. About 40 days to go until September 27th: Media Day and the official start of training camp!

Please join us on our YouTube channel for a livestream at 11:30AM PDT on Friday, August 20th (just before the official schedule release) with myself, Rebecca Licht, and superfan guest Ben “Benz1no” Sanchez as we dissect the preseason and regular season schedule as it gets tweeted out, with particular emphasis on the road trips and how DubNation can hop along on those unforgettable moments in enemy territory!

But let’s come back to the schedule in a bit. First, let’s check off the “Captain Klay” box, which we didn’t have time to report as Draymond Green and Nico Mannion headed off to Tokyo last month. You’ll see afterwards why I bring up this alter ego, one of a few, of our “national treasure” Mr. Thompson.

Klay goes live again while on the Bay

So last month, Captain Klay went live for the third time (!) this summer while boating on San Francisco Bay. Here are some timestamps from the video below which is clickable. I added all the other little clips like the pink sweats with Zaza Pachulia and the Space Jame 2 red carpet appearance. Timestamps are below the video:

0:30 congratulated Kerith Burke’s pregnancy; “Go Cougs!”

1:00 Mac Dre

3:00 “voice is trash but I love to sing”

3:30 weather; Leonard Hamilton; ice bath 

3:35 “Aww, thanks Kerith!…my voice is decent”

3:55 “I respect the ocean…not out here just wildin’, c’mon now”

4:10 “(Khris) Middleton, Book (Devin Booker) back and forth” in the NBA Finals

4:20 “I love the Bahamas, man”

4:40 Finals: “I think it’s going 7”

5:30 “nothing like HS ball”

5:40 saw Stephen Curry today

5:55 S/O Mike Brown, Team Nigeria

6:15 Rocco “mountain pig”

6:30 “bulldogs are just not good swimmers”

6:45 “as Tyrese once said in FF2, we hungry”

Klay also praised Draymond’s dominoes skills — we’ll have that later in a future video.

A couple days after going live from his boat, Klay hit a reverse three-pointer from the Biofreeze practice facility under Chase Center. Then FabTV posted on YouTube an interview from the set of Space Jam 2 and Klay used the opportunity to praise Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird for their basketball prowess as two of the all-time great women hoopers. Klay said he watched original Space Jam to get psyched for the red carpet.

Captain Klay on hold for 40 days

Now that we’ve officially super-belatedly reported on Captain Klay, it’s also time to announce that he should be on land for quite a bit coming up. I’ve been told that he’ll be in Los Angeles working out five out of every seven days up until training camp. Well, who knows, maybe he’ll livestream from the shores of SoCal, but it definitely won’t be from our Bay.

As for Curry, I’ve been told he has some traveling to do, likely for his Underrated Tour, but he’ll obviously also be training right up until the start of training camp from Woodside, near his Atherton home. The 64,000-foot view for Curry has always been to reach his peak by the All-Star Break.

We’re also hearing Draymond will be training in LA as well. Last off-season in November 2020 (offset due to the end of the Bubble playoffs and the December start of the 2020-21 season), we saw him working out with fellow Klutch Sports client Kyle Kuzma:

Andrew Wiggins has trained in the off-season in both Minneapolis, where he maintains a residence, as well as LA. It’s actually Wiggs’ first “normal” off-season not playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Finally, we hear local product Juan Toscano-Anderson will workout mostly at the Oracle Performance Center, the Warriors’ practice facility underneath Chase Center.

“For the most part, he usually gets everything needed at the facility,” Toscano-Anderson’s personal trainer Fale Malepeai told me. “If we need to fine-tune some things, then we will get some one-on-one time in for sure.”

Upcoming LetsGoWarriors (LGW) content

I’d like to apologize for the slowness of the content roll-out, especially after going live with the paywall from Vegas last week. Pretty sure I’ll get back on track during the next 40 days as I play a little catch-up. Thanks for your patience!

Still on deck are the following:

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