Chris Duarte “ready to step in…ready to play”

Scarface 🤔 “pulpo” & making it out of the DR

The Golden State Warriors worked out Chris Duarte last Friday along with Ziaire Williams and Keon Johnson. Here’s our Draft profile on Duarte, a shooting guard out of Oregon, who has appeared on some mock boards at 14 to the Dubs. He’s currently 23rd on DraftExpress/ESPN, 15th on BBN/Babcock, and 17th on

Dulow’s analysis

Strengths: Very good shooter, both in midrange and on threes (42%). Solid free throw shooter at over 80%. Can be a secondary play-maker and projects as a 2-3. Forces hard close-outs and has the ability to attack and get into the restricted area. Can occasionally get to the rim and is a solid finisher with soft floaters. Smooth athlete who can create his own offense when needed. Gives tremendous effort and has infectious energy. High-IQ player who has experience as a role player as well as a go-to player. Legit 6’5” with a filled-out frame. Physically ready to play in the NBA now. Can defend wings with his mental and physical toughness. 

Weaknesses: At 24, an old prospect who may be physically maxed out. Not a great rebounder. Dribbling not good enough to be a full-time primary ball-handler.

Warriors Fit: Positional need and playing style. Pairing him with Jordan Poole would provide gravity towards his shooting and more space for James Wiseman inside. With Klay Thompson on the bench, would play meaningful moments and be a solid rotational player. Edge and scrappiness on defense avoids coaches from “hunting” him. Provides scoring punch and energy off the bench, perhaps matching that of Juan Toscano-Anderson and Kent Bazemore on the second unit; head coach Steve Kerr would probably trust him relatively quickly. Could be 9th or 10th player in a playoff rotation as a rookie.

“Scarface” (lol)

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OG DubNation will love Aran Smith’s comp has an updated mock board and NBA comp for Duarte that “OG DubNation” might find fun (#waitforit):

Despite being one of the oldest players in the draft, Chris Duarte has a lot of first round intrigue due to his breakout senior season and impressive combination of athleticism and skill level. His shooting became a real strength and he took over as Oregon’s number one option offensively and team leader as a senior. His athleticism really stood out and he improved his three point shooting from 33% to 42%.

Why the Wizards take Chris Duarte: Washington has a star studded backcourt, and would like to make another playoff push next season. Duarte is one of the most NBA ready players and has been on the rise. He received a green room invite and scouts feel he’s in the mix to be the first senior to come off the board. Duarte would give the Wizards a solid third guard to ease the scoring load and give quality minutes off the bench when Beal and or Westbrook are out of the game.

NBA Comparison: John Starks

Warriors Q&A after workout

[notes & quotes start below]

- workout: “went great, man. Really love it…”

- fit: “something they’re gonna have to decide…Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green. It’s up to them.”

- showing teams: “I’m still Chris Duarte…same thing I did in college…”

- how many more workouts? About three

- NYK? “No that’s something that my agency is dealing with.”

- role GSW? “I’m ready to step in, man. That’s all I can say, Anthony. I’m ready to play.”

- DR: “not a lot of kids make it out of the DR…”

- seeing gf and child born: “we live together…getting ready for the Draft, getting ready for the league…being with the family…”

- workouts with WAS SAS CHA OKC, others? “No that’s all.”

- more workouts? “My agent, he’s gonna tell me later.”

[cont.’d below]

- dinner? “We had good food. We spent time with each other with the front office…really nice, food was really good too.”

- what’d you eat? “I got pulpo (octopus) with French fries. The guys got some steak with mash potatoes, I guess. I know I got some pulpo.”

- playing in NY? “I haven’t thought about that…can’t control…only God knows…”


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