Did Draymond Green activate #TAMPERINGSZN with Devin Booker?


Draymond Green is the firebreathing hero of the Golden State Warriors dynasty, a champion who is as well known for his sharp words as he is his brilliant play.

So should we be surprised that he talked his way into some controversy in his brilliant guest appearance on TNT’s Inside the NBA? His deadpan quip that the Phoenix Suns star guard Devin Booker needed to leave Arizona because his talent was being squandered drew the ire of the league and resulted in a hefty fine.

Are you kidding me? All Dray did was tell the truth! Just ask former lottery pick Marquese Chriss about Phoenix’s inability to cultivate talent.

So, in support of our guy Draymond I remixed his comments and animated a music video for the LGW YouTube channel (click the header image at the top of the page to view). The lovely vocals are provided by Christy Love (@ms_christylove on Twitter) and there’s even a special guest appearance from Cartoon Ernie Johnson.

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If you didn’t see Mr. Green’s multiple appearances with the TNT crew last weekend, you missed out big time.

He artfully and succinctly answered which Los Angeles powerhouse had the advantage:

He cracked me up when he sinisterly questioned whether Barkley was disrespecting his suspect jumpshot during the Hall-of-Famer’s pointed analysis of another bad shooter. Dray hunched his shoulders over the TNT desk like a linebacker beelining the quarterback, quieting the normally loquacious desk into a brief silence as Barkley gently.

Then he morphed into Joel Embiid’s life coach, admonishing the 7-foot All-Star’s penchant for ill-advised jumpshots that lead into defenses sighing with relief. I gotta YouTube some Green-Embiid matchups now.

This guy is going to have a huge opportunity in TV after he’s finished helping the Warriors win more titles. He’s a natural star, and if Kendrick Perkins can fill up news cycles with his comments on the game, just wait until Golden State’s heartbeat gets behind the desk.