Did you know Klay Thompson turns 31 today?

LGW celebrates the Splash Bro with a new animated music video!

Hello Dub Nation, I hope today you’re all hyped for game day AND the living legend Klay Thompson’s birthday.

I heard a resigned sigh in his voice last week (during the annihilation of Rodney McGruder’s hoop cred) when he confessed that he “couldn’t do anything” because of his protective boot. Can you imagine his helplessness while watching the depleted Golden State Warriors struggle in his absence?

In an homage to the younger Splash Bro, I animated a music video spotlighting this pause to his career. The birthday boy is out for a second straight season with a debilitating leg injury just when it appeared he was hitting the peak of his powers.

Like Klay and a lot of people in 2021, I’m rehabbing as well. For me, the journey back is from an annoying car-accident injury that has manifested all sorts of gnawing, chronic issues recently. Special thanks to Duby Dub Dubs for helping me sketch out this latest idea and a huge thanks to my wife for staying up late to help beautify the graphics.

P.S. Big Smokey’s ranked #19 all-time in 3PT FGM, I wonder how high will he climb despite losing the last two seasons?

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