Draymond Green ejected, Warriors offense throttled in loss to Knicks

Tough one.

Coming into the game against the New York Knicks, the Golden State Warriors knew they were going to be facing a stout defense. And that’s exactly what they ran into.

The Warriors took a 119-104 loss, which was the resurgent Knicks’ third straight win. It’s kind of cool to see - the old shadows of those ‘90’s New York team’s defense casting a welcome shade over a franchise that has been wilting under decades of poor management decisions.

Though a lot of chatter will be drawn to the (admittedly bad) ejection of Draymond Green, the game was still already leaning away from Golden State. This Knicks team is legit. They’ve got solid individual defenders, and a well-coached team. They hung a 40-point first quarter on the Warriors with Green; and then held the Dubs to a 19-point third quarter following his ejection.

Here’s the ejection.

Draymond got thrown out of the game for yelling at his own guy (Green’s second technical foul on the evening).

That’s first-year NBA referee John Butler, doing work.

We’ll see if the technical sticks or not, but it was a tough and untimely loss for a Warriors team that was trying to claw back into the game.

The Warriors are off tomorrow, but the LGW team will be back with full coverage of the game. For now, let it all out!