Draymond’s new Nike ad slogan includes Warriors teammate

Dustin Canalin with another 🔥 logo

I guess you’ll just have to forgive me for not having posted daily of late and giving you the behind-the-scenes recap from Sacramento and OKC, although I did not make the trip to OKC. Synopsis: DubNation ruled Golden 1 Center (and you should, too, as it has a better bang-for-the-buck value than Chase Center)…

…and maybe I should go to OKC next time, if there’s a chance for me to score one of these courtside media seats:

As for the “hot takes”, we do have some that were brought up on our Discord server (for $5/mo or $50/yr subscribers to this Substack site), and I do hope to transform a few of those to articles on here shortly. From 2013-2020, I would’ve just tweeted them, but as I’ve often lamented/complained on here, I am purposely not contributing any such “bonus” material to that platform because there are too many bullies on there that, quite frankly, do not deserve it.

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So, our good friend and Alameda native Dustin Canalin, who famously designed “The Town” jerseys for Nike, has something else of his coming out soon: a logo for Draymond Green that will debut on t-shirts and, well, it looks like another “Hoop Bus” of sorts. There’s already a Hoop Bus that has appeared on TNT, plus Stephen Curry’s Eat Learn Play bus, so I guess this has become a thing:

Canalin recently posted the following assets on his Instagram Story:

Love the use of Green’s familiar flex! 💪

Incidentally, Canalin is also co-owner of the red-hot apparel company Trophy Hunting. I recently sported some of their gear on my mini-road trip to Sacramento, as has Jayson Tatum and Jay-Z on his (see @trophyhunting on IG):

Anyways, there will be someone else other than Dray who is on the Golden State Warriors joining the campaign, and for that I gotta give a hat tip to our very own Gabe Johnson, see his author page from our “About” section… (subscribers, scroll down for the reveal below this paywall demarcation line)

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