Explain One Play: Andrew Wiggins Tries Out The Harrison Barnes Playbook

Video analysis from my heart to yours.

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When the Warriors acquired Andrew Wiggins, it was natural to compare him to Harrison Barnes as a complement to the core of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.  

My first thought in the shocking early moments of the trade news:

They are approximately the same size, though Harrison Barnes is stronger and sturdier.

We can see in Wiggins's first four games that the Warriors have been trying him out in Harrison Barnes's old role in the weakside corner. This is a quick video study of how Wiggins has run actions from Barnes's old playbook with some early promise. Though it's very early, he seems comfortable serving as a weakside spot-up shooter, attacking close-outs, running off pindowns and countering top-locking with baseline backdoor cuts. 

Here is a key slide of stats from the video:

Stats from the wonderful Basketball Reference.

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