Game 12. DEN 114, GSW 104. Entire team looks winded; Steph throws 35 points to the wind

High altitude? Ennui? Who can say

Frankly, I’m just hoping the team can hover around .500 until the All-Star Break and then make a push.

In-Game Notes

  • I could only peek into the first quarter for a few plays here and there, but every one made me slap my forehead

  • DEN letting GSW hang around... dangerous choice

  • GSW is not great about finding Wiseman when he’s got a small sealed

  • Wow I’ve never seen someone reverse dunk without jumping. Jokic below the rim above the rim

  • I’m glad Paschall didn’t try any of this little handoff passes to Wiseman under the basket. GSW is 0-for-the-season on those.

  • Hey they called a cheap ass moving screen on the opponent.

  • Interesting twist on Motion Weak PNR at 2.4.00.

  • Oubre nearly threw the ball in through the front rim. I’ll need a force diagram on that one

  • Have to watch tape, but a lot of those passes look telegraphed and picked off.

  • Gaaaaaah. I tell you, zero internal wraparound passes have gotten to Wiseman. ZERO. STOP.

  • eyes cramping from the eyerolls. GSW lucky to be down 11. But if DEN keeps letting GSW hang around, they can play a LOT better than this, without even playing smarter

  • Wiseman follows two eye rolling plays with one eye popping play. Probably worth for entertainment value but not great for winning

  • Bol isos Steph. Somehow Steph wins despite being 2 feet shorter

  • Wiseman seems to do better when he nails someone with the screen instead of slipping. He never seems open on the slip or ready to catch.

  • Warriors probably lead the league in blocks rocketing off the backboard at > 40 mph

  • Dray + COVID + high altitude = trouble? Yes a natural conjecture

  • What what what on the Steph throwaway logo 3

  • Damion breaks up the 3 on 1!

  • DEN should be up by 20, but they have bailed out GSW with some crap shot selection

  • Q3.3.30. I like that fake handoff into a DHO to Steph.

  • Well, kind of hurts to be completely outwitted every possession, but the effort is there. Looks like everyone’s running on fumes though

  • Nice pass from Wana to Baze

  • DEN *really* letting GSW hang around

  • yes the bench has been a real nice surprise

  • DEN messing around by going small against the Baby Muppets