Game 20. GSW 118, DET 91. A pleasant romp in the arena.

Steph gets 28-5-7, has to endure Klay Thompson post-game interview

Nice to have a comfortable win. My hope for the team was to play .500 ball through the All-Star break, beat the worse teams and steal some from the better teams. Then see if they can scare people down the stretch and in the playoffs. That seems to be where we are right now.

Extremely Brief In-Game Notes

  • Steph and Looney miscommunicate on switch (not) to Blake.

  • Was it? I thought Dray had the layup that got blocked...

  • That was a sweeet pass on the fast break... not sure who threw it. Blocked though.

  • Haha, Looney jumps, shooter tries to jump into him, misses and Looney grabs ball. Draymond with the rare dunk.

  • Don’t know why Blake isoed Dray. But the GSW rebounding effort so far has been inspiring.

  • hahahahaha now Blake isos STEPH, and he steals it for a Pick-2 for Two Way Wiggs

  • Okay off to do family stuff. Keep it rolling here

  • Last comment. GSW just running the three man split over and over for dives from the top two men. It’s working.

  • Wiseman’s first real double team?

  • GSW endearingly force feeding Poole

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