Game 23. GSW 114, SAS 91. Dubs stop punching selves in face, win with big Q3 run

Steph phases through humans for many layups, tosses in 32 points in 32 minutes.

The game started like a slog, then the Dubs hit their flow in the third and the team filled their chakras and it was all love. Yes, this summary was written by Kelly Oubre.

In-Game Ranting

  • Oooh, I like Wiggins going for the huge dunk. I know that Wiggs gets 50% more mana from a made mega dunk, but maybe the attempt is good for extra mana too

  • Our Guy Juan getting a bit of the Tony Allen treatment. Drives, almost gets a layup to go. Good strip on the other side.

  • Oh, I love that play. Steph entry to Oubre, goes to screen for Dray, Oubre drives, using Dray as a screen. Dray called for a foul though.

  • I like that play out of HORNS, Our Guy Juan gets free from the Steph back screen, almost stopped by a GREAT rotation. Run something for him to get him going.

  • Feels like Dray forces that pass to the paint cutter a lot

  • Wow, that give and go play with Steph was outstanding. Except for the missed point blank layup

  • OUR GUY JUAN. Ok I was going to write about how posting him up is not playing to his strengths (I guess they’re experimenting), and then he pulls that corner 3 out of his butt. Then a steal.

  • Juan fumbled catch, not sure if it was the pass or Juan

  • I’ve never liked that 2-3 zone. But maybe this is the long game and we need to get better at it to have in the toolbox.

  • Baze went to the wrong corner, it’s the LEFT corner that he’s unstoppable from

  • All these passes to the cutters are right on the feet, which is good for soccer but

  • Wait wait wait

  • Steph just ran through the entire Spurs team, and I mean, THROUGH. Like he passed between the molecules

  • Two for one time, so you see Steph in his fully feral form

  • Mills taking incidental contact to a new level there

  • A lot of home cooking on these calls I must say

  • Paschall has lost some of his swagger. He had a mouse in the house and passed out of the post up

  • At least we seem to have eliminated the fouling of three point shooters? No jinx

  • Interesting double team of DeRozan, who handles it very poorly

  • NIce switch by Oubre on that drive Q2.0.50

  • Right before halftime… Great pass from Steph. Juan... we’re gonna delete that from the tape.

  • [On Juan’s overuse of the reverse layup] The puyal

  • Juan has been doing a lot of work organizing the defense and doing the little things, but... gotta dunk that.

  • Game has the feeling of another weird ending incoming

  • Pretty much every close game has a weird ending, so it’s not much of a prediction. But when I tell you that Wanamaker wins it with a buzzer beater dunk, then you have to take notice

  • Haha Oubre was so chill about that steal, no one realized the ball was free

  • Yeah it was a cross court nutmeg

  • [On Steph’s 3 at start of Q3] Yes that’s what I’ve called HORNS Short, but he’s not usually open so early

  • OUR GUY JUAN running the short roll to perfection. Dish to Oubre corner 3

  • Dejounte missed a midrange???? Hacking

  • Our Guy Juan... Steph collapses the D, OGJ converts it into a lightning relay to Oubre in the corner.

  • Look at Curry man so inspirational


  • Remember when we went the whole first month without a properly run fast break?

  • Klay wants to play soooooooo bad

  • Bazemore from that specific spot, the left corner, is shooting 137%.

  • Spurs are now Tony-Allening Our Guy Juan while trapping Steph. OGJ will have to either hit the open 3 or drive to punish.

  • I don’t trust this lead. It’s a trap

  • [On someone trusting the lead] You’ve fallen into the trap, poor soul

  • Oubre does seem to be trying to keep the ball moving in the O and not force shots unless he has advantage

  • Wanamaker stuffed about four bad plays into a ten second span there

  • I can only watch the game out of the corner of my eye right now, but it looks like the Dubs are permanently on offense. Spurs O collapse?

  • Garbage time is Paschall revitalization time

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