Game 29. GSW 120, MIA 112. No Dray, cold Steph, call an ambulance... BUT NOT FOR ME

Bazegod saves the day, Steph remembers his powers in time to close

Well that was nuts.

A few random in-game notes

  • Q1.0:30. Good Baseline Out of Bounds play: BLOB RIP!

  • “Mathematically possible” he said cautiously.

  • If the bench can keep it around 10 for when the starters return... it’s possible

  • Effort is there. A few boneheaded plays and some cold shooting, but the effort is there.

  • lol Andre wouldn't have shot 3 that except he saw Steph was on him. A little brotherly love there.

  • Well. 9 points down. Two stops from a random ending.

  • This game may set a record for "refs holding the whistle to see if the shot goes in"

  • MIA definitely giving GSW chances...

  • nearing... random... territory!!

  • I like that bold take by Paschall... no one stopped the ball

  • Takes heart to take advantage of suck



  • Post game posted. But I think I hallucinated that whole ending...

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