Game Thread - Kevon Looney activated against Cavaliers; Curry out another month

After 18 games on the bench, Golden State Warriors forward Kevon Looney is active tonight. As per various reports, he’ll play with a restriction not to exceed 20 minutes, and will come off the bench.

Entering the season, everyone had high hopes for Looney; but alas, it has been an extremely tough season. He missed the first month of the season, including all of training camp with a neuropathic condition. In 10 appearances this year, he has shot a career-low TS% of just .380 (compared to a career average of .598) and has been largely ineffective.

This all goes back to a lingering issue caused by a neuropathic condition. According to Ryan Gorcey of the San Francisco Examiner, “it has presented in the form of aches and soreness over the course of the past two seasons. “

Whether the issue has completely cleared up, and what the relation is between this newest “abdominal strain” and the original neuropathic issue is anyone’s guess. Regardless, everyone is pulling for Looney to get healthy and get back on the court - and not just because he will help them (hopefully) win some games. Everyone is flat out rooting for this kid to just get back to normal for his own sake.

Steph Curry Update

The Warriors reevaluated Stephen Curry today. They broadcast this date far in advance, and Curry has looked extremely close to game ready in the limited views we have gotten of him recently.

What’s the update? Well, bottom line is that he's not coming back for a while yet. As they've been saying since the injury occurred, Curry is targeting a March return.

While he has been looking pretty close to ready, given the low stakes (tank) feel of the season, there's really no reason to not play it slow and safe.