Gamethread: Warriors matinee - can the Dubs overcome the tough defense in Philly?

The Golden State Warriors continue their campaign for the best draft pick possible. Up next: the Philadelphia 76ers and their 3rd ranked defense.

Expect a fairly major nod to Kobe Bryant’s legacy, as this will be the first game in his home town since his untimely passing earlier this week. As Coach Steve Kerr said:

“It’s going to be emotional and difficult to play,” Kerr said. “We are in communication with the Sixers regarding ideas to commemorate Kobe’s life. We will figure that part out. It won’t make the game any easier. I am sure the fans here will be very emotional, given this is his backyard."

Overall, the Warriors continue to struggle in just about every aspect. According to’s advanced stats, Golden State has the league’s worst offense, and the 23rd ranked defense. It’s hard to offer much deeper analysis because the Warriors do so few things well.

Here’s a great (but painful) visualization of how the team is faring (that’s us, tucked in there behind the Atlanta Hawks on the lower left of the graphic).

But, if you’re here, it’s probably that, like me, you haven’t stopped watching your team. These current struggles almost feel more “real” than the insane levels of success the team has enjoyed for the past decade.

I’m still hoping the team brings up Ky Bowman and Smiley soon, because if there’s one thing I’ve enjoyed this season, it’s been watching guys like Bowman and Eric Paschall thrive.