Giddey can envision himself feeding #SplashBrothers “flying off screens”

Warriors eyeing Giddey at 7?

Preamble by Poor Man’s Commish:

Josh Giddey has been getting some traction from the likes of Draft experts such as Matt Babcock, who first told us his sources said the Golden State Warriors had their eyes on Giddey and Davion Mitchell a couple of weeks ago. SportsIllustrated’s Jeremy Woo also mentioned the Warriors’ interest in Giddey, but then pointed to the recent trade between the New Orleans Pelicans and Memphis Grizzlies as an attempt from the Grizzlies to move up in the Draft to take Giddey at 10.

Media availability highlights:

  • On envisioning himself playing with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson: “so fun to be able to see them flying off screens.”

  • As most Draft picks have said, would not mind being drafted by a contender like the Golden State Warriors, or a rebuilding team.

  • Did not attend Draft Combine due to commitment to Australian national team, which cut him before the Olympics.

  • Met with the Warriors about a week ago.


Very tall point guard with excellent feel for the game. 6’8” with a 6’8” wingspan. His height and heads-up playing style contribute to his outstanding passing chops. Very strong in the pick-and-roll and in the open court. Shows consistent ability to make one-handed whip passes with both the left and right hands. His vision manufactures cheap points in transition; loves to throw the ball ahead to leakers before a defense can get set. Led the NBL in assists as an 18-year-old. Just an average athlete, but a very good finisher at the rim due to his size and touch. Doesn’t shy away from contact in the paint. Has a decent post game and a solid elbow jumper. Size will allow him to play multiple positions and might end up being a point-forward. Gets his teammates involved and is a pass first point guard. Fluid ball-handler with both hands, keeps the defense honest. Plays with a swagger and aggression. Forces defenders to play at his pace. Has potential on defense due to size and intelligence. Okay as a help defender. Comes from a basketball family; father Warrick Giddey was a longtime pro in the NBL.


A 29% three-point shooter and also has a stiff, unorthodox form. On long shots he doesn’t dip the ball and hips, rather he just shot-puts the ball, similar to Draymond Green’s form. Mid-range is fine, but will need to become more proficient at the NBA level, as getting to the rim will become more difficult. Lacks a high-level ability to create for himself and isn't powerful enough to rag-doll defenders and force his way into the paint. Might not be able to defend guard point guard/shooters. Lack of foot speed is a problem in man-to-man defense. Lack of speed on both ends will be a concern until skillset and body are upgraded. Shooting and core strength should improve in time but are clear weaknesses at the moment.

Warriors Fit:

Makes the right choices with the ball and is a high-IQ player. Strong work ethic. Ball-handling and passing should help ease the burden on Curry and Draymond Green. Should be able to play 15 minutes per game at the 1, 2 or 3 whenever needed. Would inject high IQ into the second unit; might have a calming effect on the frenetic play of the Warriors backups. Might only be able to defend wings early on. Should be a starting caliber player with time. Compares to Grievis Vasquez or Lonzo Ball.