Golden State vs Utah Gamethread: Stop the sweep, Warriors!

As we gather together around ye olde internet campfire to watch the Golden State Warriors try to spring a trap game on the dangerous Utah Jazz, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the love and support LGW received on launch day.

Y’all showed us so much love that y’all momentarily crashed our site this morning! #readjustments

We’re aware there’s a few minor kinks to work out as we settle into our new digs, and we would definitely appreciate your feedback. For those wondering about getting too many emails, there is a quick fix available to you.

Just locate the first email you received from a commenting thread, and click “mute thread”.

Bada bing! Easy.

Speaking of easy, it’d certainly be quite easy to assume the third seeded Jazz are coming into lay the smackdown on the Dubs. They have the statistical advantages on Golden State in several rankings (most importantly, the wins column).

But, as these Warriors have shown us, there’s no analytics for heart.