Honorary Warriors For Life? Chris Mullin and Omari Spellman

This is to reminisce about players, don’t take this too seriously.

Honorary Warriors For Life

The concept is simple. There are some players who are not in the Warriors organization, but Warriors fans will still pull for anyway (as long as no Warriors interests are at stake). So they are not a part of Dub Nation, but they still are welcomed into Dub Nation. This is very often because they are former Warriors players, but not always.

More details are included in our master list of all those voted Honorary Warriors For Life so far. More details are included in our master list of all those voted Honorary Warriors For Life so far. In short, getting >75% support achieves Honorary Warrior For Life; >50% support of voters who know them achieves Honorary Warrior.

For the rare players that are very much the opposite, we have special statuses. For >50% anti-support votes among voters who know then, we award Warriors Villain status, and for the rotten creme de la creme, >75% anti-support votes, we award Warriors Villain For Life status.

Chris Mullin

Chris Mullin was the C of Run TMC, joining Tim Hardaway and Mitch Richmond to form the Warriors lineup from 1989-1991 that sent shockwaves through the league. Drafted by the Warriors in 1985, he was a sharpshooter who was a Dub Nation favorite. From 1988-1993, Mully dropped 25+ PPG and led GSW to the playoffs each year. He was part of the original 1992 Dream Team and was a five-time All-Star.

In 1997, in the post-Webber, post-Nellie chaos years, Mullin’s injury history led management to dump him to the Pacers in a 1997 trade. Mully, as is almost mandatory for Warriors of that era, had a great stretch for IND as the shooter vet who took them deep in the playoffs, taking Michael Jordan’s Bulls to 1998 Game 7 and then pushing the Kobe Bryant-Shaquille O’Neal Lakers in the 2000 Finals.

Mullin retired in 2001 after a ceremonial last year back with GSW. He then became GSW general manager in 2004 in a very tumultuous tenure for a chaotic team management and ownership, until getting dumped in 2009. In 2012, Mully’s jersey was retired by GSW, where the infamous Lacob-booing happened.

Let’s see how Dub Nation of today remembers this past legend. Here are the poll results.

Well 81.5% / Poorly 1.1% / Don't care either way 16.3% / Don't know who they are 1.1%.

Dub Nation still loves Chris Mullin, and he is awarded Honorary Warrior For Life status!

Omari Spellman

Omari was with the Warriors for less than a year, but what a year it was. He was signed as an afterthought as one of a dozen new players in 2019, and his hustle on the offensive boards and his almost-one-handed jump shot made him a fan favorite.

Spellman had obvious gratitude for the Warriors environment giving him a chance to restart his career and stop his “self-sabotage”:

His openness about his journey and his enthusiasm for being with the Warriors during a lost year won him many local fans. The cherry on top was his obvious anger at being traded and his wanting to come back.

Let’s go to the polls:

Well 81.6% / Poorly 2.3% / Don't care either way 13.8% / Don't know who they are 2.3%

A supermajority of Dub Nation is still pulling for Omari and we award him Honorary Warrior For Life status!

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