In honor of the Klay Thompson Rehab Documentary release today: 3 video quizzes

Above The Waves, streaming on Twitter

The Documentary and Key Quotes

UPDATE FROM PMC: Klay Thompson released his mini-documentary on Twitter. See below for some quotes (all from Klay, unless otherwise noted):

• 3 weeks after the year, Klay had surgery.

• 6 months after: “Some days I feel like I'm back to normal but some times I get soreness/pain.”

• Dad Mychal Thompson: “It humbled you because it makes you feel mortal...the setback should make you feel hungrier.”

• “Psychological hurdles are probably the biggest thing you need to overcome.”

• “Training your mind to be's a recharging.”

• “It just kills me inside when I see these other teams, do many talking heads and some of my peers saying the dynasty is over.”

I'll just be that eager to prove everyone wrong just takes time

Bonus: Klay Quizzes

In honor of Klay’s hard work rehabbing, I will defer the piece contemplating trading him, and instead run 3 old video quizzes that honor his relentless and sneaky court movement.

Can you outguess Klay as a defender?

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