Jeremy Lin, NBA hopeful, postgame: “I’m a playmaker and I care and contribute to winning”

Smailagic update; Santa Cruz Warriors eliminated

Here are notes & quotes from Kris Weems and Jeremy Lin postgame after the Santa Cruz Warriors were eliminated from the G League Bubble playoffs by the Lakeland Magic.

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? - recap question (I was setting up the Zoom, oops!)

Rashad - bubble experience: Zooms, game plan discipline, playing for each other, got to know Taylor and Reece better…“full circle” with Jeremy Lin (Weems coached at Menlo)…asst Mike Lee on assignment in Australia.

Rashad - using a calendar: “I still don't know what day it is…they call me OG…I would be using a paper calendar.”

Santiago - takeaway: “seeing the growth of the players…Smailagic had been hurt…game by game he got better…learning to be a professional…started out 1-3…it's not I it's we…just us (not only at GSW).”

Jim - recap: didn't play well first half, didn't okay as well as vs RGV, inbound turnover, burned two timeouts.

Christos - proud of resiliency, Smiley: “instill some core values…not really gonna be about scoring for him…rebounding, getting blocks…all around game to be a contributor in the NBA…eat right…game plan…tough for a kid coming from Serbia.”

Me - Smiley minutes: “comfort level…he plays hard…you just expend your energy…tired (don't finish as well)…conditioning improved (since last season)…(eat right)…take that up three more notches.”

SCMP - Lin: “he's a connector…I've known him since he was 16-17 because he played with one of my best players in AAU ball…professionalism goes a long way…taking care of his body…in the pool, I see him in the ice baths…picking his teammates up.”

Jim - Lin waist belt? “At 32…nobody's a hundred percent…his brain and his heart.”

Me - Menlo player who played with Jeremy: Blake Schultz Williams College

Me - what's next for Weems: “Lucky to be on the staff throughout training camp…Kerr has been tremendous to me…nice seeing Steph Oubre Wiggins.”


Christos - experience: amazing, grateful

Rashad - what's next: “I'm not sure…see what's out there…CBA season and others are winding up.”

Rashad - other projects: multiple basketball schools over 10k ppl, signature shoe, foundations in US and China, Asian-Am issues

Jim - say to fans:  “thank you, I don't come in thinking I'm above anybody…blessing…ppl still paying attention.”

Jim - health: “I feel great rn.”

SMCP - CBA: “No 3pt Defensive…here tremendous athletes.”

SMCP - social justice: “it's tragic, it's heartbreaking…isn't only about the Asian-American experience…and caring and the first step is talking about it.”

Santiago - takeaway from bubble: “really proud of my team, my trainer of ten years…efficiency (haven't been able to do before)…types of shots…I got to show it…support system.”

Me - Smiley: “His nickname is very real…very funny…so much energy…ppl just like being around here…he came here with no ego.”

Christos - biggest progression: “more pace and control…doesn't matter what I think…it's not in my hands…on a team that was about the team.”

Jim - Toupane: “keep pulling stuff out, what else do you have in there.”

Rashad - contribute to NBA: “playmaker and I care and contribute to winning…both ends of the floor, I don't really wanna get into it coming off of a loss.”


Jim = Jim Siemas, Santa Cruz Sentinel

Rashad = Rashad Miller, @theuncoolurban

Christos = Christos Tsalkas (SDNA Greece)

Santiago = Nico Santiago, City On A Hill Press (UC Santa Cruz)

SCMP = Patrick Blennerhassett, South China Morning Post