Kerr: “chasing wins”, Warriors notes & quotes from postgame Portland

Also Poole, Otto and Wiggins

Here are notes & quotes from postgame in Portland. I wasn’t able to attend the presser in the media room because it is smaller one at Moda Center, so I was logged in via Zoom nearby in the dining area, which allowed me to take notes, although it was difficult to hear through the arena clean-up crew noise.

The idea here is that on certain occasions, my notes can serve as additional info to the tweets of quotes being sent out by various reporters on the scene (then aggregated by the aggregators). Again, please be mindful that I try to type the more important sound bites below as best as I can, sometimes I get the good stuff, sometimes I don’t, there a likely typos, sometimes there are technical difficulties, and any missing transcription in between ellipses can vary from one word to many sentences — take it all with a grain of salt and remember there’s a lot of context missing, so try to not be too judgmental just based on these quotes. When available I’ll also post the accompanying videos.

This post is late because I had posted 32 videos on YouTube over the course of the entire day, with an additional two or three in waiting for a better time (views of Portland plus Xs and Os from some pregame drills the rookies were doing), and I didn’t stop working until 1am, then posted the last three vids, boarded my flight at 630am and was in “zombie mode” after that. The rest of the afternoon through night consisted of family commitments so here we are.

Steve Kerr

[Also I couldn’t hear the questions and I was late to the Zoom as I had just finished filming the tunnel, going back to my seat to get my stuff, then heading to Media dining.]

“They've got to earn their time for sure. We'll see how it all plays out, but we're chasing wins this year. (smiles)”

“I haven’t said one word to the group about how many 3s we’re trying to take. This is not anything I’ve done analytically. We just have a roster with a lot of floor spacing.”

“(Wiggs) great back cuts…represents our most athletic wing…we’re gonna ask him to guard all the toughest wings…proved last year that he’s ready for it.”

“It’s gonna be a fun team to coach and a fun team to watch.”

“Still not talking about that (Wiggins). Next question.”

“So young. They got a bunch of guys ahead of them. They gotta earn their time.”

Significance of Poole starting: “The significance is that he's one of our best players…you got a guy that explosive you gotta get him on the floor…analytics…so you know they play well together…”

“…constantly move the ball to the next guy…sharing the ball…forcing the defense…but also the impact it has on chemistry…”

Jordan Poole

On his big game: “Uh, just be ready for the moment…”

On Kerr getting in him about defense: “…mutual agreement that we gotta be better every day”

Deep threes: “Nah that was just today. Yeah I was just letting them ride, baby.”

Green light? “Coaches give us the opportunity to do what we practice. They just want me to be aggressive…if I’m open it shoot it…kinda told me last year”

3PP goal? “Nah I haven’t thought about it”

“Felt good…to give Steph some easy shots…we feel the gravity…just making the right play today, there were a LOT of open looks”

“We still got some things we gotta figure out. That’s a work in progress” (pregame routines with Steph)

“We have a group of guys who are team-first players, a lot have won awards but we also have a lot of threats…Otto…my first time playing with…”

Opening up for you: “a lot…(big guarding Beli) have to pick who he has to guard…if the defender makes the wrong read…everything is playing the right play”

Otto Porter

Style? “…fun to play. I played this style before in college, Princeton offense…definitely fits my style.”

On his health: “Haven’t felt this great in a long time…I'm going to continue to do what I need to do to continue feeling this way…continue to stay on top of everything (with trainers)”

More on his health: “Still got some, you know, Achilles, still get my legs back under me…just the starting point playing with these guys”

On Poole: “He’s looked great…just a hard worker…Klay, how they get their shots (asking advice of)…he’s been doing it all week…”

On the roster: “…bunch of guys that can pass…this system…easy to see that assists are gonna be there, open shots are gonna be there”

“…ball just poppin’ around…it’s hard to guard that”

“The emphasis is turnovers…the emphasis is to continue to move the ball.”

“Absolutely. Playing with Beli is gonna be great…and he’s a great passer…Draymond and Steph it’s really gonna open up the floor”

Andrew Wiggins

“Only option was to get vaccinated or not play in the NBA (laughs). It was a tough decision, Hopefully it turns out in the long run.”

“It was good man it was nothing but love especially from Draymond, Iguodala…”

“It feels good to play but getting vaccinated that’s gonna be something that stays in my mind a long time…forced”

Ill will? “None towards the organization. They didn’t make the rules. I guess to do certain stuff, to work, I guess you don't own your body. That's what it comes down to…hopefully there’s a lot of people out there that’s stronger than me…”

“I had Covid before. It wasn’t too bad. Couple years ago I had an allergic reaction…scary moment…idk what it’s gonna do to me in ten years…cause cancer (maybe)…there’s a lot of stuff I feel like I can go on for days…do to my future kids…”

“Sometimes it’s not on my side…I didn’t want to miss basketball. I didn’t want to get the vaccination but something I had to do.”

Covid symptoms? “Body aches. Little chills.”

More on symptoms: “I’m good. It’s just one day.”

“Majority of it has been longer term. I had an allergic reaction a long time ago…didn’t want to take anything…fear factor…it’s more long term.”

“I just try not to put foreign substances in my body…need medicine…I had Covid. It wasn’t that bad. I didn’t want to take a chance to have a reaction. Then ten years from now…my kids…any cancer it could cause”

“I was on edge about it…information…their support system I guess it was cool…if I hadn’t had to take it (I wouldn’t have).”

“…not really something that we believe in as a family. We’ll see.”

“I had to take…or can’t play basketball…I want more kids…generational wealth…I took a gamble I took a risk…”

“I felt good out there. I felt like we all did. Made a lot of shots. Took a lot of shots.”

Did he see the bench reaction on dunk: “Nah…”