Kerr on Warriors shooting: “most depth we’ve had” (pregame notes & quotes)

+ Jordan Poole starting

Here are notes & quotes from Steve Kerr’s pregame presser before the Denver Nuggets preseason game at Chase Center:

Andre Iguodala will not play tonight. Reason: "He's just old." -Steve Kerr. Steph and Dray and Wiggs will have longer sessions than 7 mins in POR but sit second half.

JP will play into the second half.

“Huge rush to feel that at home…really excited for the year…we’ve got a good mix of young players and veterans…versatile…also great guys.”

On MPJ: “Fluid athleticism…incredible offensive threat, someone you have to account for all over the floor.”

New rules: “I like it…Steph tried to lean in…the officials saying an unnatural shooting motion is the key…not gonna allow players to really hunt fouls like they have been…necessary move.”

Traveling? “No. Traveling lives forever.”

GP coaching in Oakland: “we have such a deeply rooted…great tradition of Oakland basketball…also with those Warrior connections…”

Poole: “he’ll start again tonight…if there’s any other lineups we wanna see…he’ll be in that starting spot…tough to envision not keeping him there…”

Matchups: “not this early in the preseason, it’s more about our team…not even going through a scouting report…”

Threes? “50?…I have no number…I just believe in open shots…”

Every shot a good shot if it goes in? “Technically no but you just chalk it up, you count it and you move on.”

Bad shots in POR? “Honestly all but four or five…maybe one when we didn’t swing it…the ratio was really good…I’m not gonna need to convince them to make the extra pass…”

“We haven’t done anything very complex…focused on is spacing the floor…easier to do that when you have guys like Beli and Otto playing the 4 or the 5 and then multiple shooters on the wings…way the league has been trending…we’ve always been very top heavy…this is the most depth we’ve had with our shooting…”