Klay’s off-season so far: boating/Drake, Mistah FAB, commercials, jogging

New house pics (Tiburon?)

As we slowly catch up to what some of the Golden State Warriors players such as Stephen Curry have been doing since the beginning of the off-season, it’s time to check out what Klay Thompson’s been up to.

The laundry list (click the above YouTube video for all the visuals):

  • Made another rehab-related Kaiser Permanente commercial

  • Mercedes Benz USA released three clips, one which had Klay asking the car’s computer to say his name as “Klay Nothing But Net Thompson”, trying to “act natural”, plus a little S/O from Jordan Poole

  • Posted himself swimming and then also jumping in the Bay, presumably from his new Tiburon residence, which California Home & Design covered in their summer print issue (not available online yet), as well as paid homage to Bruce Lee as it relates to Bay-side meditation

  • Went live on Instagram twice while boating, the first one going over twenty minutes long

  • Got his boating stream clowned by Drake in an Instagram Reels Remix clip featuring a segment when Klay mentioned the rapper

  • Put up some shots at a random gym (unconfirmed)

  • Spoke out against police brutality

  • Had a new Rocco-related colorway for his signature KT6 shoe released by Anta

  • Said happy birthday to his older brother Mychel and posted pictures of them and their other brother Trayce growing up together

  • Paid a fun and comedic visit to Dope Era, Mistah FAB’s apparel store in Oakland

  • Revealed his love for spear-fishing

  • Went hiking

  • Did another commercial for Just Live

  • Posted pictures of him presumably jogging and shooting around on the main floor of Chase Center with rebounders Chris DeMarco and Seth Cooper, who are on Steve Kerr’s coaching staff

  • Paid homage to David Stern while celebrating the tenth anniversary of him being drafted 11th by the Warriors in 2011

So that covers all the publicly available information on Klay’s off-season. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

As for the behind-the-scenes stuff, Klay’s trainer Charlie Torres hopped onto our NBA Draft Lottery livestream and said the rehab “is pretty much on track.

“I was actually surprised,” Torres told us on the broadcast. “I think it was the middle of last week or the end of last week, he was telling me he was jogging around and I was like, ‘Really? That’s pretty early to me.’”

Warriors general manager Bob Myers said in the exit interviews that the goal will be to get Thompson to 100% by March 2022.

We’ll have more from our chat with Torres, who brought up that he worked out Kevin Durant post-Achilles with Klay together, about a week before Klay’s injury, and he’s worked out Kelly Oubre in the past, as well as a potential Lottery pick in this year’s Draft.