UPDATE: Live with Klay’s trainer Charlie Torres POSTPONED

...due to illness (read below)

UPDATE: YouTube Live with Charlie Torres, Klay’s trainer, has been ppd as Chuck is not feeling well today.

Give him a follow: @bucketsworth. He tried real hard to tough it out for today but it’s already 330p so let’s give him the rest he needs!


How’s Klay Thompson doing, you ask? Well, that (and more) gets answered real soon. I’m very pleased to announce that Klay’s trainer, Charlie “Max” Torres — he said I could call him, “Chuck,” though — will be joining us tonight on our YouTube Live at 6p PST.

The actual URL will be determined by YouTube the moment my Zoom call with him gets initiated, so until then, I would advise you to simply go to https://youtube.com/LetsGoWarriors and subscribe the channel, then immediately click or tap on the notification bell icon 🛎 so that your YouTube app lets you know the moment we’ve gone Live.

Torres is the guy that’s with Klay during those workout sessions you sometimes see in ANTA commercials over at the Stance Socks court in the Los Angeles area:

Btw we have two Klay playlists on our YouTube:

As a matter of fact, on the morning of the Draft, we tagged Torres in our Instagram Stories with a copy of a promotional tweet about our Draft-Day YouTube Live and he reposted it at around noon.

He also posted a picture of his shoes and the court he was sitting on at that very same Stance gym. And then it all bottomed out. Klay tore his Achilles, although that wasn’t quite confirmed at the time, in the all are afternoon Torres DM’ed to say he was stuck in traffic, but we all knew that it would be too much of a downer to come on the show. Plus, the pressure to answer questions at that time. All totally understandable. There was just too much to process as it pertained to Klay that night.

We still did our fantabulous Live on Draft night with Brandon Payne (Stephen Curry’s trainer), David Alexander (James Wiseman’s strength guy), Travis Walton (Draymond Green) and Draft experts Matt Babcock and Doc Martin of BabcockHoops:

Incidentally, we have some of the above spliced up into more digestible snippets in our YouTube Live playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLszalip37vKL4IZdbujUtJq5ixI3tsO86

So I kept in touch with Torres, fast forward to now, and Torres is graciously ready to re-live that day, and more. I’m a gym rat myself, or used to be before, ironically, issues with my sore Achilles (both) made me go cold-turkey, although being on the grueling Warriors beat made that decision so much easier for me.

So as a gym rat, I also want to know the details of how Klay improves his shot and other stuff. We’ll discuss those things in a free-flowing conversational style tonight. I’ll try to guide us through this mountain of information.

I listened to the Real Spill Hoops podcast a couple of months ago that had Torres on it and he’s been in the trainer game for a long time, having come up with Derrick Williams, former No. 1 pick of the Timberwolves. I love these behind-the-scenes stories and will definitely let him tell his.

Torres also works with Kelly Oubre, so 👀 (‘nuff said).

Plenty to get caught up on and talk about.

See you tonight. This one will be special.