LGW Vidcast: Which team is better set up for the future, Dubs or Nets?

Matt Brooks of NetsDaily joins us to break it all down.

The last time we were gearing up for Golden State Warriors action the Brooklyn Nets were in town. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit and the season was paused, so we never got to see that Kevin Durant tribute video.

Both teams are going through transitional periods of injuries to stars and roster turnover, but they both have an eye on contending for the Larry O’Brien trophy as early as next season.

With all of this intrigue swirling, it was only right that we bring on Nets insider Matt Brooks (@MattBrooksNBA) to discuss the possibilities for both teams. He’s from the Bay Area and he had some pretty good insight into the departure of former Brooklyn head coach Kenny Atkinson, as well as a strong take on why Mark Jackson and Ty Lue are good replacement options.

Of course it wouldn’t be an LGW vidcast without my buddy Thomas “Dr. Tom” Bevilacqua sharing some hilarious thoughts on his fellow University of Texas alum KD.

Check it out!