Livingston on Iguodala’s return to the Warriors

And a Steph anecdote from Fraser

As I reported early last month, Shaun Livingston stopped by Golden State Warriors practice at the Las Vegas Basketball Center during Summer League. On the way in, he told me he was just trying to help out, although last time I had spoken with him, bumping into him at the Spark Social food truck court near Chase Center before a game last season, he had told me he was working part-time doing general manager stuff, such as scouting potential Draft picks.

On the way out of LVBC after he had observed 3-on-3 [video] and helped James Wiseman’s rehab process [video], I took the opportunity to get his reaction to Andre Iguodala’s return to the Warriors:

As you can watch in the video, I asked Livingston how it all went down from his point of view, but he kept it short. “All I know about Andre is, he crazy as hell.”

Mkay, I thought, that could mean many different things. Is he crazy because he’s doing another year after thinking he might retire? Is he crazy because he came back to Golden State?

“That’s all I got,” Livingston said. “Because it’s Andre Iguodala. He crazy as hell.”

At that point I knew I only had about fifteen seconds of video, so I had to get more. Expound please, Livingston! Why is he crazy if everyone in DubNation thinks it’s a natural fit for him to come back to the Bay?

“Man, that boy crazy. That boy crazy. That boy crazy,” he said as he looked at the camera, then walked away.

Had I known how brief the exchange would be, I might have stopped Leandro Barbosa for a clip prior to that. I still hope to do so, at some point, although that might be hard this year, due to ongoing COVID protocols for NBA media.

Warriors assistant coach and Stephen Curry’s workout partner, Bruce “Q” Fraser, was a tad more generous with his quotes.

Two days later, the Warriors had the day off, so there was no media availability. But two days after that, on a Saturday, I was able to attend another practice. Unfortunately, all the “big squad” guys had left [Andrew Wiggins, Nemanja Bjelica, Mychal Mulder, here’s more video from the first practice]. No Barbosa or Livingston, this time. But Fraser was there and I asked PR man Raymond Ridder for an interview with Q as he was about to leave and Ridder gave me thirty seconds. Luckily, Q gave us more than that [see embedded video above after Livingston].

Q gave us a little anecdote where Iguodala surprised Curry with his presence at a dinner. Later, I tracked down Q for clarification and he said that night was not when Steph actually found out Andre was returning to the Warriors, although that would’ve made a great story.

[NOTE: This article and the above video, which is currently Unlisted, will be made public on Monday morning, before the start of Media Day. I am also working on a Public video covering Iguodala’s off-season.]