NBA analytics maestro on why Lamelo Ball/Anthony Edwards fits Warriors draft needs best

Evan "Evanz" Zamir joins the LGW Vidcast to break down GSW maximizing the #2 pick to overthrow LeBron's Lakers and regain the throne.

With the NBA season all wrapped up, Dub Nation’s fervor over offseason possibilities is exploding. Who do we draft? Should we trade the pick? Who can we add from the free agent pool? Can a core of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Andrew Wiggins already be considered a title contender?

In the search for these answers, we’ve brought in an advanced stats pioneer and longtime Warriors fan Evan “Evanz” Zamir. You may be familiar with him from his time at Golden State of Mind where he was early on the “Draymond Green is going to be hella good” and “Monta Ellis isn’t the future of this franchise” predictions. He even built his own online basketball data resource NBAWOWY.

In the latest episode of the LGW Vidcast he joins Duby Dub Dubs and myself to explore the pros and cons of drafting for need vs best player available, and the harsh realities of building a team to win now.


  • 1:32 how advanced stats changed Evan’s perspective on Monta Ellis’ role with the Warriors

  • 4:26 Evan’s thoughts on the whole NBA bubble experience and the Lakers’ dominance

  • 7:57 The Bron vs MJ debate reveals Evan hasn’t seen Space Jam

  • 11:05 Evan exposes concerns about the Obi Toppin pick

  • 19:32 Evan explains why Lamelo Ball or Anthony Edwards is the smart pick at #2

  • 24:06 Daniel almost walks off the set after Evan’s first MLE suggestion

  • 28:55 Do the Warriors have enough in their core already to compete regardless?

  • 32:25 Outlook for GSW’s current crop of youngsters

  • 35:45 Do the Warriors have severe problems at the wings? (This was recorded pre-Daryl Morey stepping down in Houston)

  • 39:20 Can Draymond Green still be the defensive stopper for the elite bigs in the NBA?

  • 41:50 How much of a defensive impact will Andrew Wiggins provide in a small lineup?

  • 52:00 Lightning round of quick fire questions

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