NBA schedule released: get ready for the road Warriors!

19 of the 37 games to be on the road; GSW has second-highest travel miles (20,871)

After leaking some schedule teasers for the Golden State Warriors, we’ve now got the whole picture of what the first half of the schedule looks lke.

It’s a lot of travel.

Which seems… not ideal. But with no bubble this time around, and teams anxious to begin generating revenue at their home arenas as soon as possible, this consolidated schedule is the agreed upon comprimise.

The Warriors will play seven back-to-backs, travel over twenty thousand miles, and go through 19 road games over the first half(ish) of the 2020-2021 season. The team’s total miles travelled will be the second-most in the league, behind only the semi-homeless Toronto Raptors (based out of Tampa Bay, Florida this season due to Covid-related travel issues between the United States and Canada).

All of these stats, by the way, are from the fantastic schedule analysis tool over at Positive Residual.

Here’s the full picture of the calendar, via Warriors PR:

Lucid schedule reading

We already knew that the Warriors would open the season up with two marquee battles against Kevin Durant’s Nets, and then a Christmas day visit with the Milwaukee Bucks - but after that, they conclude the opening road trip with a couple of softies: the Charlotte Hornets and Detroit Pistons - two eminantly beatable teams.

After that, the team is schedule to return to Chase Center in San Francisco for an extended homestand. As expectected, the schedule is significantly different this season, featuring some almost baseball-like schedule groupings (note that the Warriors will play both the Blazers and Clippers twice each during this initial 12-day stretch).

Or will they?

As reported by our own Poor Man’s Commish earlier today, there are some (as yet unconfirmed) rumblings that the city of San Francisco may present some obstacles, beyond just denying the team’s request to allow upwards of 9,000 fans to attend.

There have also been murmurs of games not being held at all at Chase for the foreseeable future during this critical period of a surging pandemic, but LetsGoWarriors does not have any more intel to report at this time as to where the team would play if it were not allowed to host home games at Chase Center.

Right now, it’s just an interesting tidbit to keep in the back of your mind, there have been no formal announcements one way or the other - but circle that first homestand on your calendars, because we will find out the answer in four weeks or so.

With Steph Curry back, and an intriguiing storyline, to boot, the Warriors have launched right back into the national spotlight. As noted by Anthony Slater of The Athletic, “[t]he Warriors are still clearly viewed as a major ratings draw. Two of their preseason games and 19 of their first 37 regular-season games are on national TV.”

It’s fair to say that this is a tentative schedule, and the NBA has acknolwedged as much, stating that every game not scheduled in the first half, as well as each postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, will be included in the second-half schedule.

With sincere wishes for everyone’s health, I am sure I’m not alone in my excitement. Curry and the rest of this team are going to be back, in a major way. After getting abruptly flung off the upper echelon of the NBApantheon, the Warriors promise to come roaring back with an exciting, and unpredictable season.

Let’s go!

Post-publish edit

Some additional information regarding the scheduling uncertainty for the Warriors first two home games - which apparently may extend far enough to even impact Warriors traning camp next week.

As reported by Catherine Ho of the Chronicle, it looks like a fairly severe regional lockdown is coming. Soon!

The regional action will apply in San Francisco, Santa Clara, Marin, Contra Costa and Alameda counties, and the city of Berkeley, the local health officials announced Friday. Most will enact the order Sunday. But Alameda County will put it in place on Monday, and Marin County on Tuesday.

This preemptive measure in parts of the Bay Area will close outdoor and indoor dining, personal care services such as hair and nail salons, playgrounds, bars and wineries, movie theaters, museums and zoos. It will allow retail, grocery stores and other businesses to remain open but limit capacity at 20%. Restaurants can do takeout only.

As written, that order would extend to at least January 4th.

The City and county (remember, it’s the same thing in San Francisco) already denied the Warriors request to host fans, but it’s not at all clear how (or if) this stay-at-home order will impact Warriors group practices, which are slated to begin Monday.

So very on brand for the year 2020: we will all just have to stay home, and try to see what happens out there in the world. Crazy times.

Final update

We good.