New content: Warriors Beats & Music 🎶 from workouts at practice

Migos, Rod Wave, Don Toliver, Roddy Ricch

When I was a teenager playing for my high school team and even on through amateur ball throughout college, I always had my own workouts at the gym at Cal’s RSF or wherever. Music was obviously an integral part of that. Heck, it was integral when I piped in Hot108 streaming on the TuneIn app back in the day in between games at my Dream League Bay Area basketball league. It was a huge part of the experience, having the latest rap chart toppers blasting in the gym while teams warmed up, a very underrated piece of American inner-city basketball culture.

Which is why I’m pleased to bring paid subscribers a new exclusive “channel” of content: Warriors Beats, the tracks that they play while Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green and all the rest of the squad do their workouts.

Some of this was borne out of the negativity I got for splicing in a copyright-free track to distort the original music on each workout. I needed to do that, otherwise I couldn’t monetize those videos. And because I do not have a paycheck signed by an executive of a billion-dollar media company, I need to monetize those views — I can’t work for free. Of course, sometimes my media counterparts post similar video on Twitter for free. Well, their motivation for doing that is different than mine. And, actually, the recording industry usually goes out of its way to take down such freely posted stuff — you can’t post a long segment of a song manually onto Instagram, for example. Our video yesterday of Draymond with his son got taken down by IG within 15 minutes of its posting. You’ll see on YouTube that they have algorithms to detect copyrighted music.

But now it’s okay because you, the paid subscriber has already paid something and that’s ok with me that you access a non-monetizable and unlisted video. So here’s a list of the artists from Monday’s practice, then below that are the videos underneath the paywall demarcation line: Migos, Rod Wave, Don Toliver and Roddy Ricch

We’ll also have some beats from Tuesday’s practice on this website soon…

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