Open Thread and Rewatch: Revenge vs Lakers, Nov 23 2016

Re-broadcast on NBCSN 8pm Pacific

In their first game of the season, the Warriors laid their usual rotten egg in Los Angeles and had an embarrassing 20-point loss to fall to 4-2. This was a bumpy start to the KD-era. But by the time of this Nov 23 2016 rematch, GSW had reeled off 8 straight wins to hit their third gear.

(Durant was playing very well within the offense quickly to keep things in third gear, and after a Christmas dud, Stephen Curry got more aggressive to throw the Dubs machine into fourth gear. And finally when Durant missed the end of the season, Steph regained MVP form and put the team into fifth gear.)

Anyway, the young Lakers came to Oracle for a rematch with a pissed-off Warriors team, and the smack was laid down quickly. The only suspense was who of Steph, KD and Klay Thompson would score the most points that game.

In case you can’t see the rewatch, here are some choice highlights.

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