Question: Can Jordan Poole be the backup point guard of a contender?

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It’s tough to figure out who Jordan Poole is. Drafted as a gunner, to serve as a steady Nick Young, he was thrown into the fire as a starter after everyone else was injured. He then had one of the worst shooting stretches in NBA history along with scattered defense. After some reset time, he came back as a backup point guard, showing some poise, creativity and court vision. His shot still seems missing but one figures that’s a matter of time before it comes back at at least an average quality.

The aggregate stats, naturally, are ugly. ESPN RPM rates him as #122 out of 137 SGs with offensive RPM of -1.44 and defensive RPM of -0.29.

Basic and Advanced Stats from BBRef:

Overview from Cleaning the Glass:

Really grim stuff. So, how is Dub Nation feeling about Jordan Poole and his role next year?

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