Open Thread: Klay 60 replay again, this time on NBA media, 5pm Pacific

For all you out-of-towners!

From the NBATogether schedule:

Mar 30, 8:00 PM ET –  Classic Game of the Day on NBA App overlaid with trivia, @NBA Facebook, @NBA Twitter, @NBA Youtube, @NBA Twitch

  • Klay Thompson catches fire, scores 60 points in only 29 minutes in December 2016 vs. Pacers 

We’ve covered the heck out of this game in the recent NBCSN rebroadcast:

with extensive in-game notes and media.

But I know a few of you are outside the Bay Area, so now you can enjoy the NBA rebroadcast. I’ll put up a direct YouTube link if I can find one.

Otherwise, you can go to at 8pm *Eastern*

Feel free to discuss whatever you want here…