Post game vent session: Warriors rolled in the 4th, but still... not a bad home stand

Golden State drops to Pacers, 102-93

Ok, so not a bad home stand. After stumbling into it looking very unsteady, the Golden State Warriors found their sea legs and surfed this season of vicissitude into a solid 4-3 home stand - pushing their overall record to 6 wins and 4 losses. Not bad.

The Pacers were coming in on the second game of a back-to-back, and were playing shorthanded (holding Oladipo out for cautious return from knee surgery) but still looked like the fresher team as tonight’s game wound to an end.

We missed Eric Paschall, but the Warriors were very much in this game until a disastrous 4th quarter. Curry was limited, managing just 20 while facing more scrutiny than hair found at the Golden Corral buffet.

Just look at this poor guy. Only 5 free throws on the night.

But Wiggins looked excellent yet again. He set a new career high with 5 blocks, and home prices on Wiggins island have never been higher. He’s showing flashes of a seriously elite defense, and combined with Draymond Green… it’s enough to make me giddy on a Tuesday.

Heck, even James Wiseman looks like he’s on some sort of path to an elite rim protector. Just on velocity alone, this off-the-backboard swat belongs in the Guggenheim.

The Warriors have a rough road trip coming up, facing the Nuggets Thursday, Suns Friday, and Lakers on Monday.

De-stress zone