POW! Right in the kisser: Warriors walloped by Raptors

No Curry, no Green, and most importantly, absolutely zero joy


This one is going to sting. While we await the post mortem, it doesn’t take a certified doctor of basketballology to know that this historic loss was a big deal.

Sure, the Warriors played without the entire championship core, as Stephen Curry (tailbone), Draymond Green (everything, but also a sprained finger), and Klay Thompson (re-charging vibes) were out… both so was most of the Toronto Raptors, who played without Lowry.

The immediate concern is that this loss further accelerates the Warriors’ trajectory away from any sort of playoff dreams. Needing to get at least the 10th seed to ensure an invite to the league’s play-in tournament, the Dubs have now lost 11 of their last 15 games. But the deeper concern is how unlikely it feels that the Warriors could string together the two consecutive victories required to advance past the play-in stage.

Anyways, the game was real bad. Well… for the Warriors anyways. The Raptors looked like they were having a great time out there.

The Warriors hung in for the first and the fourth quarters. Our resident basketball sage of wisdom, Sleepy Freud pointed out that the score was a reasonable 47-49 in those two quarters.

But boy, was there an avalanche of losing in between. A 51-point difference in 24 minutes of basketball.

Losses happen, but the scale of this one felt ominous. I know we aren’t supposed to tank right now, but the bottom of the standings look like a much more comfortable place for this squad to rest for the 19 games remaining in this season.

While a 53-point loss hurts, I’d like to take this time to remind you that it’s a beautiful Friday night, the game was over before the sun even went down, and you have your whole entire weekend to look forward to.

Never lose hope!!