Question: Can Juan Toscano-Anderson play backup wing next season?

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Current Depth Chart

This is an approximate guess by me. Your depth chart might look different.

Plenty of players could flex into the backup SF spot, so I am imagining JTA might be the third SF.

Juan Toscano-Anderson

JTA is the only Mexican player in the NBA and he has a huge following in Mexico.

He is a huge hustle and energy guy. He looks like he’s playing twice as hard as everyone else on the court. He was a long shot to even make the team, but he impressed in preseason, then got called up, then hustled (in a wholesome way) his way into a team role. Initially, we expected he would be a defense-only guy, a kind of mini-Andre Roberson, but Kerr had him slowly expanding his role. JTA even poured in 16 points late in the (cut) season.

ESPN RPM has him at Offensive RPM of -1.37 and Defensive RPM of +0.29 (#28 out of 99 SFs), making him overall #57 out of 99. Middle of a large pack is not bad for a walk-on.

Cleaning The Glass stats say: JTA was not at all scoring, but he was above-average at assisting. He was excellent at blocks, steals and rebounds, though he fouled too often.

Basketball-Reference advanced stats say JTA was really negative at offense but a slight positive on defense.

So what do we think of JTA’s future with the Warriors?

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