Rewatch: Going 24-0 and Klay's 60

Replayed on NBCSN at 4pm and 6pm this afternoon.

On NBCSN, 24-0 is on at 4pm, and Klay’s 60 is on at 6pm.

We’ve covered Klay’s 60 pretty thoroughly, so here’s a link to that:

At that link there is also the full game on YouTube!

The 24-0 Game Notes

We also watched 24-0 recently, and here are the box score and some collected re-watch notes.

  • Q1. Steph getting the full double team experience. Team dragging on fumes. Shaun with a really hard elbow J, the kind he was automatic at once upon a time.

  • I forgot Hack-a-Ezeli was a thing.

  • Awww, I forgot that David Lee was on the Celtics this year after the Chipotle championship

  • Ezeli made a tough catch, but I remember his catching passes was a big issue for him to improve.

  • Also, nice to see a healthy Isaiah Thomas before he tore up his body and played through his sister’s death so he could be dumped in trade

  • Steph w early 4th foul. Barbosa and McAdoo run a very slow version of Motion Weak which Dray salvages with a “floated” shot out of a cannon

  • Klay injured, so we’re seeing a lot of god of chaos Barbosa and Ian Clark.

  • David Lee getting a lot of revenge in Q4. Lots of points in the paint and a couple of nice passes.

  • 13 point swing since Steph went out. No firepower in the bench squad without Steph and Klay, and getting no stops so no fast breaks. I assume Steph is coming back in after the timeout.

  • Dray gets a very touchy 5th foul. Lip reading: all ball, all ball. Then Olynyk’s FTs show the ball only lies 50%

  • Wow, a lot of touch fouls. Steph misses three layups. Weird ball bounces. A lot had to go wrong for this game to go to OT, which indirectly led to the loss in MIL the next day

  • BOS pushes it to up 5 with 4 min. Looks like GSW may be losing grip on the game.

  • Ezeli passing out of post. Steph draws two on pop, Ezeli misses Andre open for dunk, loses it.

  • GSW scrapping for OREBs and Steph working hard off-ball, but can’t quite put it together. BOS still up 3 with a couple of minutes to go.

  • ‪Steph shooting 2 FTs, down 3 with 1:17 left. BOS has done a great job running Steph off the 3 and blitzing him with doubles. With no Klay, no one can really punish them. ‬

  • Oscar for special effects!

  • OMFG I forgot that fantastic elevator doors play. The best best part is Steph pretending to trip and then suddenly he cuts.

  • GSW UP 2!

  • Yeesh Shaun blocks IT on the possible game-winning shot

  • Oh right, also no Harrison with no Klay. No wonder the spacing stinks.

  • OT. Steph gets double teamed, eventually Andre gets a 3 to fall. Otherwise, Andre’s offense has been very bricky.

  • The Olynyk-Curry shootout you’ve been waiting for.

  • OT2.4.01. Sweet fast break play. Barbosa was about to pull out, but Steph cut hard and called frantically for ball, then dumped off for a layup.

  • Bogut has had about four blocks in the last ten minutes. Very responsible for this (eventual) win.

  • Last play of OT is... Steph backscreen for Shaun. Gets FTs, now up 3 with 17.8 left. FT contest now, which Steph should win.

  • That’s it. 24-0. One of the great teams of all time. The last team to really try its best the entire season. Either you savored every bit of it, rooted for them to lose (which is good old fashioned sports) or mocked it after and complain now about load management (joyless & sad)

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