Rewatch: Klay's 60 in 29 minutes

From Dec 5 2016. Sweet basketball from when the all-time best team started to figure things out.

In case you missed the NBCS Bay Area replay of the Klay 60 in 29 last night, here’s a recap. First, Steph’s reaction:

The Highlights

Bonus Play

Bonus Facts

Note: Klay did dribble on plenty of other plays, they just weren’t his scoring plays.

Bonus Ye Olde Explain One Play

Live Game Notes from the Rewatch

For all the comments, go to our live re-watch thread.

  • As I recall, most of Klay’s points were scored torching Monta

  • Q1.7.25. Sweet classic play. Post entry to Zaza, baseline cut draws attention, Steph pops out for 3.

  • Oooooh, THAT time Klay burned Monta with the backdoor cut, layup from Zaza.

  • Steph with a gorgeous long pass to Klay who Euro steps (no dribble) to a layup

  • 3.25. Klay with ANOTHER backdoor cut, missed the bunny layup. Could have had 62. Now beats Monta again running down court after made basket.

  • Weird. Al Jeff completely schools JaVale on a post move, then next time down, Steph actually comes and doubles Al against JaVale. I think they were messing around with different defensive looks.

  • Do we count non-scoring dribbles? Because there was more than zero dribbles on non-scoring plays

  • Q1 end: God bless Steph for ALWAYS taking the heave. He gave up a second 50-40-90 for the love of the heave.

  • GR3 is #40 on the Pacers... before he joined the side of the angels

  • Honestly, it doesn't seem that big a game from Klay yet. A kind of quiet 17 in Q1. A lot of his big games start slow, because once he gets going, GSW gets addicted to force-feeding him.

  • I don't think people count his dribbles on the non-scoring plays.

  • ooooh, Q2.8.25 Klay dribbled four times on that play before passing. DRIBBLING? PASSING?

  • McCaw with the missed corner J, foreshadowing.

  • It's great to see David West playing again. That top of key jumper. The rock solid post defense. Knowing he gave up millions and millions from this Pacers team for a chance at a ring, knowing YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU

  • Q2.6.06. The ancient scribes record that THIS was the moment the Klay heat check and force feed began. That turnaround corner 3. He has 30.

  • Wow, Zaza laid a serious hammer blow to the shoulder of Thaddeus Young.

  • Klay with his season-high 32 at Q2.4.28.

  • I know this is crazy, but the thing I'm enjoying the most is watching the old players. David West. Ian Clark. JaVale. Even Zaza. Also possibly the greatest of all time -- figuring themselves out. Steph was still awkward w KD, Klay learning that one ball, how we'll put it in the hoop.

  • Sweet set play, Klay & looney looney set a high double screen for Steph. Klay pops out, Loon screens for Klay, Steph kicks back. Open 3. The force feeding is real, but subtle.

  • Klay's face is all beat up at the halftime interview. Physical game out there.

  • Are they going to replay the halftime show, or skip ahead? Okay, they skipped it

  • I don't know if Steve Kerr is trying to teach the team a lesson to not force-feed Klay, but the first play after halftime is clearly not for Klay. Motion Zipper cut for KD, Klay passively spacing in corner.

  • ANOTHER backdoor for Klay.

  • And... YOOOOOOO, oh man I completely forgot this was the game with the jump ball to Dray to bomb to Steph mid-air flip alley-oop to KD.

  • Q3.7.43. Elevator doors to the corner for and open 3 from Klay. Rattles it in and out.

  • Whoa, Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks coming to town. That's three teams ago for Melo.

  • One running drama this season is great Klay-Zaza dunk-off. Zaza gets rejected by the rim, so the season dunk counts remain unchanged. Oh next play, Zaza with the real dunk! I spoke too soon! NOTHING EASY BABY. Spoiler: Zaza actually wins the contest.

  • Yeah, then Steph walks away to half court, arms up-raised for about 3 seconds before Klay shoots

  • So...are they going to show the 4th quarter at all? Yes... all of it.


  • Klay goes out with 1.5 min left. Now that the Klay 60 concept game is over, Steph & Dray moves on to trying to get massive alleyoop dunks for JaVale and 3s for Ian Clark.

  • James Michael McAdoo in the game!!

  • JaVale-Looney-McAdoo in the game. FIVE CENTER ARMY STILL IN PLAY. Put in Zaza and West, you coward. Forget McCaw, he is just going to ghost us anyway

  • Q4.4.30. Ian Clark actually threw a lob that was too high for JaVale to catch. That is HARD.

  • As I recall, West pass to Clark cut was a major psychic connection

  • Ah, that was a nice trip down memory lane. I was way way way more stressed out when I watched that the first time.

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