Scouting the Nets! How will Curry lift injured Dubs over KD/Kyrie?

Nets reporter Matt Brooks is back to discuss Brooklyn's squad and the perks of being one of Kyrie's pawns.

Hey folks, LGW is back with another fire vidcast to prime you for the season opener. Warriors vs Nets will kick off the 2021 NBA season Tuesday; can you believe this moment is nearly here?

To get a deeper understanding of the opening night foe, Dr. Tom and I had a fun, informative chat with Brooklyn reporter and video analyst Matt Brooks of Nets Daily.

Here are the timestamps for the conversation, and I hope everyone notices that I was the only one brave enough in my predictions to believe James Wiseman will carry Steph Curry off the court on his shoulders after a game winner over Kevin Durant.


  • 1:03 Matt explains why he’s glad the Nets plucked Steve Nash from the Warriors.

  • 2:04 Daniel asks Matt what being one of Kyrie’s pawns is like.

  • 2:55 Dr. Tom asks how the Nets offense look so far with their new system.

  • 4:23 How Curry is primed to target the Nets’ biggest weakness.

  • 7:33 Daniel walks off set due to Matt’s game prediction.

  • 11:05 How Steph and Golden Corral are related.

  • 13:00 Matt explains why the Nets should trade their depth for James Harden.

  • 18:23 Matt laughs at the Dubs’ chances to guard KD without Draymond on the floor.

  • 20:55 Who is stopping the Nets in the East?

  • 30:23 Dr. Tom and Matt take turns bashing the Utah Jazz for the Rudy Gobert supermax.

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