Steph Curry's trainer Brandon Payne joins our Live Draft Show @5PM PT on YouTube

Join us for special guests and fun analysis on this huge night in Warriors history!

(Photoshop credit to @NextUpSwaps)

Finally…the day of reckoning has arrived. The Golden State Warriors unleash the next step of their plan to extend the dynasty in today’s 2020 NBA Draft.

To celebrate and analyze this momentous occasion, we’ll have a live draft show at 5PM PT on YouTube (@LetsGoWarriors) with special guests. We’re very proud to have Stephen Curry’s trainer Brandon Payne joining us to kick off the show!

Full lineup of guests:

  • Payne through Pick No. 4 (hometown Charlotte Hornets picking at No. 3)

  • David Alexander, trainer for James Wiseman (assuming Wiseman is GSW pick at No. 2)

  • Charlie “Max” Torres, Klay’s trainer

  • Travis Walton, Draymond’s trainer

We’ll have some of your favorites from the LGW/Dub Nation community as well: Apricot, Poor Man’s Commish, Dr. Tom, Joe Viray, and more!