Stephen Curry Confirms Our Scoop: Own UA Brand Launching 12.01.20

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Scoop Confirmed

Today on Instagram, Stephen Curry teased a tiny video clip announcing his new logo, “an Under Armor Brand” and the launch date “12.01.20”. (Presumably that’s December 1 since the European January 12 2020 would mean the shoe launched 11 months ago.)

This news was actually broken by our own Poor Man’s Commish all the way back on August 7th!

There are tons of details back in the original article, so check it out. In short, just like Jordan has a brand within Nike, Steph will have a separate brand within Under Armour.

Behind The Scoop

For confidentiality, I won’t say anything about how PMC got the scoop. (Basically, he lived under cover for months as a sneaker in a factory overseas… painful deep cover but the man is committed to his craft.)

But it was a wild little experience behind the scenes, deciding whether to run the story, how to run the story, and then watching it get aggregated, some responsibly, some utterly skankily. Basic ethical concept: link back to the original.

We’ll write this up further in a separate article.