Stephen Curry on George Floyd’s killer’s “ingrained” lack of empathy + MORE

Curry talks Charlotte, NBA bubble, Klay in new podcast w/ Anthony Morrow

Stephen Curry made his first online appearance in about a week by hopping on Anthony Morrow and Justin Jack’s “The Life Podcast” on Sunday (embedded video below). Jack is the younger brother of Curry’s former Golden State Warriors teammate, Jarrett Jack.

Last we had seen Steph was on Underrated’s Instagram page doing some sample backyard outdoor court basketball skill workouts and behind-the-scenes with the Curry family.

Steph mentioned to Morrow that he hadn’t even hit eight Instagram posts yet since Ahmaud Arbery’s death, before he had to post again on the outrage of Derek Chauvin’s murder of George Floyd with bystanders’ smartphones out recording the heinous act.

“You don’t have a facial reaction,” Curry said in disbelief to Morrow and Jack regarding Chauvin’s demeanor as his knee pinned Floyd’s neck to the ground, “You don’t have any empathy.”

“He was so ingrained in his ways, and that speaks to how deep this is, how deep this conversation is that we’ve been fighting for over 400 years.”

On a lighter note, Curry touched on topics from his middle school years in Charlotte, his “Holey Moley” TV series, the anticipated restart of the NBA in their “bubble”, and his competitiveness at the start of the 2019-20 season.

According to Curry, last November he was still in “championship mode”, thinking, “Let’s just get into the playoffs…(then) get Klay (Thompson) back.”

With that script blown to bits with Curry breaking his hand after just four games, not to mention Klay’s lengthy ACL rehab and head coach Steve Kerr’s insistence that Thompson was unlikely to play, Steph predicted the Warriors would be “unbelievably hungry” heading into next season, whenever that will be.

Speaking of Klay, Steph also threw out a little anecdote from the 2012-13 season, which overlapped with Jarrett Jack’s lone year with the Dubs. People often point to Curry’s 54-point outburst on the road against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden that season as a turning point in his career.

But Curry also reminded us that game was after he got “tossed” (not ejected, but physically flung) by the Indiana PacersRoy Hibbert, in what started as a shoving match with David Lee. We have a snippet of that on our Instagram page.

Justin recalled that Klay had gotten fined for not doing anything, relatively speaking, and Steph remembered Klay holding on to the ball the whole time the skirmish happened, as if he were going to go shoot around after things had settled. Thompson’s next paycheck turned out to be only about thirty dollars because the fine for his technical had already been deducted from it. Steph told Klay: “All my fault!” for drawing Klay into the altercation with Hibbert.

Timestamps are listed below and in the clickable YouTube comments of the video…

0:15 Morrow’s nickname for Steph was “middle school shawty”

1:45 “tired of home-schooling”

2:15 ready for golf

2:30 Holey Moley 13 episodes, “ride it out”

3:30 George Floyd

3:45 found out from Stephen Jackson

4:15 couldn't get to 8 posts since Ahmaud Arbery

5:15 “we gotta figure out some solutions”

6:30 “(Chauvin)’s been sitting at home chillin’”

8:00 “you don't have a facial reaction, you don't have any empathy”

8:15 “he was so ingrained in his ways and that speaks to how deep this is. How deep this conversation is that we've been fighting for 400 years”

9:15 “S/O to all the police officers I've seen speaking up”

10:30 All-Star Game in Charlotte

13:15 Steph did pre-Draft training with Idan Ravin in Prince Georges County (DMV/“In the Water”)

14:30 NBA bubble: “any idea is a good idea”

15:30 might not get invited

16:00 Damian Lillard playing for nothing

17:30 November mindset: still “championship mode”

17:45 “let’s just get into the playoffs…get Klay back”

19:00 “unbelievably hungry…I like it”

19:45 no documentary (Palm Pilots in 1997-98)

20:45 “everybody thought we had literally won a championship”

22:30 10 of 16 years watched dad Dell Curry

23:30 “nobody does this by themselves”

25:45 2013-14 games: Jarrett Jack (Justin’s bro)

27:15 MSG 54 pts, “day after I got tossed by Roy Hibbert” 

27:45 Klay got fined and didn’t do nothing

28:00 “all my fault”

28:45 MSG54 birth of the shimmy

29:15 Carmelo Anthony won the game though

30:00 OKC shimmy

31:00 Anthony Morrow knew he’d pull up over Andre Roberson in the “Bang! Bang!” game.