(free) Explain One Play Live Reaction: The New GSW Defense Breaks Down

I don't want to point fingers but

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Another Experiment

I am trying something different with this Explain One Play. I usually take time to carefully select clips and give historical context and make these little artisan movies.

I was thinking about these reaction videos my daughter had me watch like “REACTION VIDEO TO MADOKA EPISODE 3” and I do like the spontaneous human element. And I hadn’t seen the game last night, so instead I just watched the highlights video cold and just reacted and analyzed in real time, recording the whole while. I did edit it down out of basic decency and split it into a video about defense (this one) and offense (to be released later).

So this is a bit more meandering than past E1Ps, but you also get more of a view of how I’m looking at plays unfold and what I’m focusing on. Quite a few of the plays didn’t go as I expect and you get my real human reactions. It’s a bit more fun for me to make as well.

If this is great, tell me I am the greatest. If this is boring, please kindly tell me that I am great in other ways but this sucks.

Here it is.

Video Analysis

The Warriors are having growing pains in their defense as the new lineup struggles to cooperate to defend Damion Lillard and the Blazers.  Co-starring Kelly Oubre Jr, Draymond Green, James Wiseman, Damion Lee, Eric Paschall, Andrew Wiggins, My Guy Juan Toscano-Anderson and Stephen Curry.

From the 2021.1.1 POR-GSW game. 

(Direct YouTube link)

And here is the video I was reacting to.

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