The (un)official guide to the Warriors offseason strategies

Draft? Trades? Free agency? OH MY! We break down the scenarios as Golden State's front office preps for a huge moment in franchise history.

We at LGW can sympathize with Warriors fans who may have lost track of the team during the bizarre year that is 2020. It didn’t help that the Golden Empire was rendered unrecognizable by a smattering of injuries and trades. Besides, many of us have already grinded through crappy Warriors seasons and didn’t need to relive the horror of another sub 20-win campaign.

But the nightmare season is over! The beloved superstars are healthy once again and the Dubs have a tantalizing #2 pick in the upcoming draft. Whether you’re a Dub Nation member groggily waking up from a long hibernation in search of info, or a grizzled die-hard who loves debating GSW’s future timelines, this is a critical time to stay current.

Since college basketball was cancelled early due to pandemic concerns, many fans have literally no idea what draftee is actually a good fit for the Dubs.

LGW has your back with a new video produced as a digital guide to prep you for the November 18th draft extravaganza and beyond. We compiled the juicy tidbits from Apricot’s draft series and our vidcast collections featuring special advisers like NBC’s Grant Liffman, Forbes Sports’ Patrick Murray, YouTube legend Athletic Alchemy, NBA WOWY’s Evan Zamir, and our very own Duby Dub Dubs.

Don’t be a clueless Warrior fan; stay informed with LGW’s handy dandy video (click the top image to watch). And if you enjoy our content, please consider supporting our community by subscribing.