Trade Grab Bag 5: Five Zach Lowe trade-down trades

Sorry, none as scary as the last Halloween batch

Okay, I didn’t think we’d have another grab bag so soon, but Zach Lowe brought the goods in his Off-season Preview article.

Jrue Holiday Special

Also discussed by Slater in the Athletic:

Here is Zach Lowe’s report of a John Hollinger idea to get him:

Big Apple Pupu Platter

I like the idea, but those DAL picks should be very late and Knox is very eh. If they don’t put in Mitchell Robinson, then I need to see the actual 2021 NYK 1st to consider this.

Motor City Pupu Platter

Intriguing… this is a lot like TGB 4.2, which voters already thought was too bad for DET. I ran it again since it was in Zach’s article.

Windy City Pupu Platter

I’m intrigued. Are we sure Wendall Carter Jr isn’t better than Wiseman for the next two years? And for me #4 vs #2 is nothing in this draft.

Capital Corridor Pupu Platter

Probably not quite enough for GSW, but it would beef up the bigs depth, and there are great finds to be had at #12.

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