Trade Grab Bag 9. Victor Oladipo, John Collins, Kristaps Porzingis, Lonzo Ball

Don't shoot the messenger

Time for a Trade Grab Bag, as the trade deadline is 3 weeks away.

My guideline is that the trade needs to be proposed by someone in an article online or be a sourced rumor by someone reputable, and it has to be possible by league rules as judged by or the ESPN trade machine.

I try to stay away from random Twitter crap though I made a small exception for 9.5 and 9.6. I source the trade proposer as a reply to my trade tweet, so the guilty (not me) can be properly punished.

But first, an all-time great Twitter exchange:

Trade 9.1. Trade the whole bench for Collins

The poll:

Setting aside questions of roster spots for ATL, I don’t know why ATL does this.

Trade 9.2. Trade the world for the Zinger

Yeah this is a massive overpay.

Trade 9.3. Wiggins for Zinger

This is a simplification of 9.2 to scientifically determine where it is going wrong.

The idea of Zinger is not completely ludicrous. He does have some defensive shortcomings, such as not being able to prevent people from walking around him, but he could be the ultimate stretch 5 and a good passer in Kerrball.

There is a looming issue of whether to keep 0, 1 or 2 out of Wiggins and Oubre.

Dub Nation is trending towards Wiggins > Zinger…

Trade 9.4. Kelly for Lonzo

Probably the most realistic trade on this page.

Early voting is quite even. But I wouldn’t do it. It’s not such an upgrade that it’s worth the questions of fit.

Trade 9.5. & 9.6. Victor Oladipo

Kevin O’Connor (Mar 8 2021):

League sources say the Warriors have interest in acquiring Rockets guard Victor Oladipo. The former Pacer has been up and down in his second season following a major knee injury, averaging 20 points on only 39.9 percent from the field. Golden State would not have the cap space to pursue him this summer, so the time to pounce would be now. Houston can’t demand too much in a deal given Oladipo has underwhelmed and will become an unrestricted free agent. Plus, Golden State wouldn’t have a whole lot to offer. Because of picks owed elsewhere, the Warriors are able to deal up to just two first-round picks: one from 2021 (via Minnesota) or 2022, and one from 2026 or 2027….

The Warriors need more wing depth and another ball handler, and Oladipo should be one of the players they’re at least thinking about.

Context: KOC also floated the whole GSW are trading #2 pick for LaMarcus Aldridge rumor back in the day, so he’s no Woj or Shams.

Here are the two legal trades I’ve seen…

I don’t know… Oladipo is (was?) a very good player, but I don’t see a trade that makes sense for either side.

How to make possible trades

I don’t poll impossible trades, and I’m not happy to see them in the comments either.

But you may say, how can I make sure a trade is possible? The NBA cap is complicated.

I agree. At a minimum, your trade should work in or the ESPN trade machine. They are not perfect, but at least they make people be specific in trade proposals instead of “hey we should have traded Wiseman for Harden”.