Warriors-Bulls postgame: Kerr and Bazemore talk tailbone, Wiseman thinks Logo Green nickname for Draymond is “dope”

James on pick & rolls with Steph

Here are notes & quotes from Warriors-Bulls postgame with Steve Kerr, James Wiseman and Kent Bazemore. The Stephen Curry part, which happened after Kerr, was posted in another article for subscribers only.

Please check our YouTube channel as more videos get uploaded. The one at the top of this article is clickable and is all about Curry’s tailbone, with Kerr saying he talked to trainer Rick Celebrini who said Steph could’ve gone in for some more possessions if needed in the fourth quarter. Bazemore has also hurt his tailbone in the past, undercut by none other than LeBron James, and he talked about some of that too.


Kerr says congrats to Arizona Wildcats women heading to Final Four: “proud of my school, Bear Down.”

- Steph: “He changes everything…the game becomes so much easier…every guy on the floor played well, every single guy…Kelly…Wiggs…James picking up the defensive coverages…everybody followed suit and that’s the effect that Steph has.”

- tailbone: “when I took him out I went over and checked with Rick and Rick said nah he’s fine, if you want him to play a few more possessions, no problem…got him out early, so he’s in the training room now.”

- Steph changing energy and effort: “oh yeah it had everything to do with it, he’s the heart and soul of what we do, he and Draymond…last few games it’s been tough without that dynamic without Steph flying off screens…bringing his life and energy…we’ve been in a little rut…”

- Wiseman confidence: “every game is important for James, he’s learning so much…only way he can develop us through minutes on the floor…four blocked shots…really battled, Vucevic is an All-Star center…”

- Wiggins scoring: “Andrew is one of our main weapons, when Steph is out there scoring and then we’re able to shift the defense…gives Andrew a little more…that’s when we’re at our best…rock solid.”

- ending losing streak: “losing is miserable, when you go through a stretch…whole week is miserable…euphoric, everybody’s happy, food tastes better, you sleep better…our fans can feel better, hopefully we can gain so momentum…I think we’re gonna make a run, I really believe that…tonight’s game showed you why…”

- Draymond 3s: “the floor opens up a little bit and it gets him going…really thrives on defense and passing, but there’s not a basketball player alive who doesn’t like seeing the ball go through the hoop for himself…he’s really had a tremendous year, when you look at the way he’s played for us under the circumstances in which he’s played…leading us in assists, leading the entire NBA in frontcourt assists…happy Steph was back tonight…carry a pretty big burden.”

- Hispanic heritage night: “(NBA global game)…I love that the NBA really honors (ethnicities)…we want everyone around the world to play…”

- Manu Ginobili biggest? “He’s gotta be up there that’s for sure.”

- Q4 good: “we got really good performances from a lot of people but the guys I’ll single out are Bazemore and Looney…+17 in 17 minutes (Looney)…Bazemore fantastic (on defense).”

- Bulls cooled off or GSW stopped them? “A little bit of both…Kelly’s defense in the second half was really good, he was really impactful…forced a lot of turnovers, they still shot 52%…got us extra field goal attempts.”

- Poole at pg: “Bazemore was doing such a good job and the end of the first quarter…you ride him a little bit and then you just adjust your lineup…”

- Wiseman: “every game he’s going to feel something new…understand scouting reports.”


- with Steph PNR practice? “Pick and roll…Chemistry trying to get that up…create more opportunities.”

- know more PNR with Steph: “We worked on it in practice…a lot of opportunities…get rebounds and just get dunks.”

- rebound with Steph, nod of approval: “using my God-given abilities…I’m 7’1 so I definitely (gotta get more rebounds)…did a good job of getting blocks and just protecting the rim.”

- win for confidence: “the winning part is very vital…go out there and play together and that just gives us momentum…when we go out in the road.”

- 19 years old Steph searching for frat parties (Wiseman chuckles): “I was able to experience the college experience probably like half a semester…just laughing and having fun…doing what I love to do which is play basketball.”

- life without Steph, spacing on floor: “when he’s not out there it’s very congested especially inside the paint…I’m wide open for the slip (or) DHO, there’s a lot of actions (when Steph is there).”

- Draymond 3s: “Man, undisputed man…it’s hard to stop, it really is.”

- Logo Green nickname? “that’s definitely dope.”

- remind yourself in NBA: “just playing against Vucevic…I can get so much better.”

- family back home keep you straight? “my uncles, my dad at home.”


- Steph and Draymond 3s: “it was a breath of fresh air…chomping at the bit to get another opportunity…rusty 32-5-6, it’s pretty remarkable…(most guys) come back looking like a shell of themselves…for him to put his body on the line…we owe it to him…Draymond, one of the most passionate people you’ll ever meet…when he’s out there playing free it’s contagious.”

- Steph falling on tailbone? “He’s very in tune with his body…hours upon hours of work in the weight room…strength team…all over his progress…a ton of conversations before he even stepped out there on the court…mental fortitude that he has to push through the pain.”

- tailbone? “I had a crazy fall…got undercut by LeBron James…kept playing…tailbone…pelvis…ailment, it trickles down when you get older…working in the body…central nervous system is ready to go, it’s a full time job…everyday passes…kind of a production to get ready for a game at this age.”

- tailbone timing? “Be hard pressed to find somebody, even the 15th guy…there’s something that you’re pushing through…different things going on that you’re trying to block out…take it a game at a time, take it a day at a time.”

- I just saw the LeBron undercut: “I was super duper angry…in the past…never put your hands down, you gotta take the fall with the bod.”

- worried about Steph’s charge? “No, we’re talking about the ultimate competitor….probably had the whole world counting how many times he hit the floor…take the time now to really appreciate what he’s done over the last 12 years…how he uplifts everyone…you could see he was having a little bit of discomfort…inspiring, it’s remarkable.”

Warriors PR: team flies tomorrow noon then Miami practice Wed around 2p EDT.