Warriors-Cavs postgame 1of2: “grind-out game”, “we can’t feel too good”; Wiseman’s tough season

Plus: second unit, Juan “not a two-way guy”, Curry’s “fresh legs”?

Here is Part 1 of 2 of notes & quotes from Warriors-Cavs postgame in Cleveland with Steve Kerr, Andrew Wiggins and Damion Lee. Part 2 of 2 will consist of Juan Toscano-Anderson and Stephen Curry and will be for subscribers only.

The video atop this article is clickable and pertains to each person’s reaction to James Wiseman being ruled out for the season and how he is coping with it.

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- bench: “really the key to the game…second quarter (got into a groove) with that second unit…fit together nicely…Loon kind of anchors the defense, Baze (defense), Juan…we knew it was a grind out game.”

- Juan: “Juan’s a great passer and play maker…run into a wall and slip….DHO…very clever, he really understands the game at a high level…especially in smaller lineups…spacing.”

- Wiseman: “very disappointed it wasn’t the more simple repair…really tough blow for James…talked to him today, he’s in good spirits…to lose the last month of the season and the summer as well…good news is it was a very positive repair…”

- have a sense on meniscus? “The prognosis was, the surgeon…would go in to determine what he needed to do and there was a chance it was just a trim…but also that it would be the more serious repair.”

- Wiseman rookie season: “this has been a very tough season for everybody in terms of not having a summer league…training camp, there’s been Covid protocol…within that context James had a very productive season…show the promise that he did. I think he’s got a great future but it’s clear he’s very raw…how could he not be?…he’s gotta play the hand that’s dealt him…rock solid student and patient and he’s really had to deal with a lot, an awful lot this first year and he’s handled it well.”

- how to maximize summer? “Theo and I talked about that today. We’ve gotta do our best to get him on the floor and watch film…once he’s mobile and can move around we can still get him on the floor and continue to show him what’s in front of him defensively…coverages.”

- timetable? “No…in the statement we put out we said…September (update)…at this point it’s indefinite.”

- recap: “very difficult game for both teams given we were both on back-to-backs, the fatigue showed, we had to grind that out…JB is doing a great job…Isaac Okoro was all over Steph…our first four game win streak…we’re in a very good place.”

- Steph: “he’s been amazing, he just does it night after night, a lifetime of training…tailbone maybe gave him some fresh legs…incredible even by Steph’s standards.”

- Juan: “He’s not a two-way guy to me…who I really trust, he just understands the game at a deep level…28, he’s been all over the world…all over the ball…changed the tone of the game.”


- recap: “Everyone is in a good rhythm…we can score with anybody, defensively we have to lock in.”

- upcoming: “We’re feeling good, we can’t feel too good…Boston’s a good team…we let one slip away last time.”

- Wiseman: “Injuries are tough for everybody, especially a rookie…(was in a) groove…tough kid.”

- Juan: “He stays ready…dawg on the court, he can do everything…one of the key players on this team.”


- second unit: “having floor spacing…have to give Juan a huge amount of credit…picking up full, that stuff is contagious/infectious…playing for each other.”

- Juan: “words can’t even put it into reality. It’s funny, me and Juan were talking on the bench…any means of survival…first day on Santa Cruz he picked me up full court…I’m proving I can shut him down…high level NBA defender…proves that every night…IQ, able to switch.”

- 42% 3PP: (Juan interjects: “that boy put some work in”) “as long as you put in the work…that man’s been putting in hours and hours and hours…consistency…confidence…I said it months ago…Juanito…proving to be an NBA player.”

- Wiseman news: “it’s tough…he’s had the hardest transition of a rookie season of anybody…covid…three games in college…missed the first couple weeks of training camp…hurting his wrist…another protocol…hits his stride (again) and then this…tough for a young guy to really get his footing…two weeks and he has a another setback…praying for his mental…”

- best Warriors have played? “Having a four-game winning streak is huge…little bit of excitement with that…fine details…game plan discipline, fouling and turnovers…big game against Boston.”

“Evil twin, evil twin!” as Juan enters lol