Warriors-Celtics morning shootaround: Juan says “nobody in this organization makes me feel like I’m on a two-way”

Plus: Boston also riding streak; Paco Olmos praise; mom texts every morning

Here are notes & quotes from Warriors-Celtics morning shootaround from Boston, with Juan Toscano-Anderson. Media attendance was light on a Saturday East-Coast-time morning, but Christos Tsaltas of SDNA Greece managed to keep the interview alive despite nearly being derailed by silence at the beginning, and yours truly added a couple (*), after Rachel Nichols and Wes Goldberg discussed the two-way situation.

The first video, which is clickable and sits atop this post, is on our YouTube channel are Rachel and Wes’ discussion of the two-way contract.

The second video is on various topics throughout Juan’s career, my question to him about where he gets his energy from, which he sort of answered the other way, as in why not have energy, and his mom texting him every morning:


- growth: “getting better every day…we’re clicking…just being positive and optimistic”

- learning before GSW: “I wouldn’t change that experience for anything in the world…Paco Olmos who was my coach in Mexico (says hello to Dray)…”

- having to prove yourself: “just because I’m on a two-way but the good thing nobody in the organization makes me feel like I’m on a two-way…being on the team and being part of the team…nobody ever mentions that…I do want to stick around in this league.”

- didn’t realize it: “that’s a good thing and I want my play to prove that.”

- two-way conversation, agent? “That’s why I have an agency working for me…those things are out of my control. At the end of the day I don’t really play this game for the money…I’m still in the NBA, I still get to wake up and do what I love…I’m happy every day…the money will take care of itself…Bob’s gonna do what he feels is best for the Warriors…I leave it alone.”

- *Boston: “gotta make it tough for those guys…five game win streak and they’re coming back home…tough place to play…we gotta play our game…we can compete with anybody…excited about tonight…that’s old news (my good game)…do that again…does that mean scoring twenty points again? No.”

- *where energy comes from: “me and everything that I’ve been through in my life…watched my family struggled…the game is universal…if I just woke up in a funk in every day…I’m healthy…life could be better but it could be way worse…it’s just appreciation, man…my mom texts me every morning…have gratitude…happy to be putting on a Warriors jersey.”

- role model: “I’m not just Mexican I’m also half-Black…I want to be a role model for girls, boys, white, green…moving forward if I can just (request that media) remember that I’m half Black.” (Ends Q&A)